Guild Wars 2

Star Wars Jedi: Cal Kestis should obtain his very own collection at Disney+.

Given that its requisition of the Star Wars license in 2012, the Disney team has been developing deep space as soon as created by George Lucas with its own manufacturings …

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Advent, Mir M official service starts in Mir 2 memories

Mir M is the second inheritance of Wemade Mir IP.
The 8 -way grid battles and quarter views have greatly enhanced the importance of strategy and tactics, and the game service know -how and Unreal engine that Wemade have accumulated?

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Final fantasy xiv

Final FantMaturey 16 Try to explore more adult and complex issues

Final FantMaturey 16 is the first game of the saga numbered to receive the Mature (-17) clMaturesification and its producer hMature explained the reMatureons for the decision.

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