Path of Exile New Skill Gems in Heist

In Path of Exile, There are currently 263 different active skill gems and 170 auxiliary skill gems in the game, totaling 433. Skill gems should not be confused with passive skills, which provide constant statistics and are mainly obtained through character level. To avoid confusion, some players simply refer to these two types of items as “gems”.

Void Sphere
The virtual sphere creates an object that generates pulses in a large radius. The pulse causes physical damage and chaotic damage and pulls normal, magic, and rare enemies toward its center. The first few pulses generated by the empty ball have more gravitational force than the subsequent pulses. All enemies within the sphere of influence will also be hindered. This negative effect will increase the distance of the enemy close to the center of the sphere. The bodies of enemies who died in the void area will be sucked into the void.
Void spheres can be used to control dangerous enemies, group a group of slower enemies to cause a concentrated burst of damage, and trigger a hit effect over a long period of time. This skill has a long cooling time, so you can make full use of the “secondary wind” support, allowing you to use the void sphere twice in a row relatively quickly. Please note that only one void ball can be active at a time.

Frost Shield
The Frost Shield will form an icy dome on the ground at your location to protect the caster and his allies from enemy damage. When cast, it will quickly consume the energy shield at a fixed rate for one second and increase its power and life according to the energy shield’s consumption. This skill can protect yourself until it runs out.
The Frost Shield will protect you and your allies from damage from a small part of the enemy inside the shield, or if the enemy outside the shield takes a large part of the damage. All enemies near or near the shield will also be cooled.
In addition, when you are inside the dome of the Frost Shield, it will provide an additional base critical strike opportunity. This is perfect for defensive positioning on the boss, allowing you to cover in the sphere and release hell while the shield is held.
Like the “Void Sphere,” it also works well with the “Second Wind.” Using the area of ​​increased effect or concentrated effect support, you can control whether you want to move more space inside or in a narrow area. A smaller shield can better control the number of enemies entering the shield area, thereby minimizing damage.

Sigil of Power
The Seal of Power will create a powerful circle on the ground, causing extra lightning damage to you and allies standing in it. Simultaneously, it will slightly increase the cost of skills when mana is consumed, and skills will gradually increase. Each stage will cause more extra lightning damage. When fully energized, it will also cause the enemy to cause less damage in the circle.
When faced with a difficult boss, this skill can enhance your ability and provide additional damage when needed. Its defensive features can be very useful when you can keep the leader within the mark or deal with the leader who stays in one place.
Like the other spells mentioned above, this skill has a long cooldown, and you can use the second wind if you want. Increasing its area and duration can also extend the service life and service life of electric Sigils. It works well with the Archmage’s support skills and can increase its mana consumption, but other spells usually spend enough mana to fill the mark.

Flame Wall
This skill can be used from the beginning of the game and will produce a burning flame area. The secondary burning effect will damage any enemy that passes through it. This means you can place a wall of flames between you and your enemies, and then watch them melt as they try to reach you. Any projectile fired through the wall will cause fire damage to the shot. These burning projectiles will apply the burning wall’s auxiliary burning effect to the enemy hit by the enemy.
This skill can be deployed to enhance the damage of any projectile skill without any additional support. It can be supported by burning damage to focus on its property damage. You can use any projectile skill to spread the burning effect yourself, use the projectile to launch minions, or let your teammates apply it.
You can activate up to three flame walls simultaneously to create multiple fire fields in succession with the support of “Spell Cascade” or to create a complete defense barrier with the support of “Spell Cascade.”

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