How should the Path of Exile Change to attract old players

Path of Exile 3.12 will be officially launched on September 25, 2020, at 10:00. The new version is called Heist. The latest version contains nine new active skill gems and auxiliary gems, curse skills, steel skills, and spell skills. Perform a reset. The rewards that can be obtained in the new season include skill gems with different quality bonuses, imitations of unique items, and mighty new body armor or enchanting weapon equipment. More than 25 new unique equipment and 12 new destiny cards have been added. The visual effects of many skills will be changed.

I vaguely remember that I played POE on the Taiwan server and came to the national server as soon as the subsequent national server was opened. Although many players have a considerable degree of dissatisfaction with the national server, I played in the national server compared to other servers. On the contrary, experience is the best. From the beginning, the free washing point before level 40 and the existence of resurrection coins made the early wasteland reclamation a lot easier. The built-in trading system and the improvement of the web trading system and the presence of picking up pets made me firm. The confidence to play in the national service, but the reason why I can’t stick to the game so far has nothing to do with the design of the server, but the season design of the game failed to meet my requirements.

For a PVE game, the lifespan of the game is limited. New gameplay and new content have been added to the game all the time. It’s already done very well for a game, and every time I play it, I have a novel feeling, but why is the interest lower and lower over time? I will reduce my play in summary—several enthusiasm elements on the eve of this new season.

1: The impact of the new element is not enough. The game is continually adding additions to the gameplay. Although new features have been added, the overall changes are limited. It is tough to feel the difference when two cucumber slices are added as a vegetable salad.

2: Domination of vital skills, constant skill feel. As the playtime increases, you will find that strong skills will continue for several seasons, and they are powerful. The blade storm skills have always belonged to the first echelon from the beginning to the present. Besides, although there are many changes in different seasons, different routes, and equipment talents, the battle. The feel is not ominous, such as the Blade Storm skill, which makes no difference after shaking first.
Although this is an equipment-driven game, it is a game that promotes players through upgrading, acquiring equipment, and updating BD. Still, each skill is minimal, such as the blade storm skill, no matter what profession you choose, follow the crit genre. It’s always a non-crit genre, whether it’s a physical element or a toxin. The feedback in combat is the same. At most, it involves a different way of exploding a corpse. It would be best if the same skill can have more ways to play. I hope the game can make progress in this area.

3: The balance of legendary equipment and rare equipment. Although legendary equipment is added every season, most of them are toys. Much legendary equipment has not reached the role of building BD, and some can be entirely replaced by rare equipment. Rare equipment crazily squeezes the survival space of legendary equipment after being created. In many cases, a medium-rare kit can completely replace legendary equipment. Although the rare equipment is designed as graduation equipment, and the legendary equipment is designed to change the BD through core special effects, the current rare equipment is too strong. The special effects of the legendary equipment cannot achieve the desired result.
It can be said that Path of Exile is an excellent game, but for some old players, the current game is challenging to give due excitement. If you have any suggestions for the game, you can also point out in the comment section if it is the same every season. It’s tough to convince old players to continue playing without painstaking changes.

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