How To Making Poe Currency at Heist League

Today, there are plenty of options for earning and farming Exalted Orbs in the path of exile. In our guide, we will consider the most relevant options for obtaining game currency.

To maximize the efficiency of this method, you must use trade macros. You can see the basics of market trading and profitability. What is this method? You need to buy spheres, fragments, and other goods at the same price and then sell them at a higher price. For convenience, it is recommended to purchase currency tags in the PoE donation store to store a large number of spheres, etc. You can start with Orbs of Jewelers, Orbs of Fusion, and Orbs of Alchemy. Later, when you reach your budget, switch to Chaos Orbs and Exalted Orbs. There are also bots for flipping, but using them will cause the account to be banned.

PoE provider recipe
In the early stages of the game (approximately more than 7 plot actions), you will obtain items above 60. For a set of identified items (weapon (preferably hands), armor, gloves, boots, helmet, amulet, belt, and 2 rings), you will get 1 Chaos Orb. If all items are uncertain, you will get 2 Orbs. Well, if there is still 20% quality, then 3. This method allows you to accumulate the amount of money you need to equip your version and switch to solitaire.

After the storyline, the main type of earning in-game currency will be to plant atlas cards. In addition to filling the atlas smoothly, you will also get spheres and other interesting rare items. To get the most profit, you need:

1) Cards with 20% quality
2) Quantity and quality of discarded items with high indicators
3) When using the Valvar Ball, there is a chance to get the greatest changes and high parameters of item rarity and item quantity
4) Use DelirumOrbs for profit
5) Adding 3-4 fragments (sacrifice, dusk, dawn, noon, and midnight) will make you get 15-20% water drop quality
6) Scarabs on all devices will enable you to get rewards quickly
7) Sextant (Awake, Prime, Simple) allows you to modify specific areas in the atlas
8) Mod from Zana (Nemesis, Bloodline, and others)

Heist Theft and other alliances
The robbery of the new alliance provides an opportunity to make money. The main thing is to increase your survival rate to complete the heist safely and get paid. Tokens can be robbed or sold in auctions. On a large farm, you can unlock other wings and bonus rooms, which greatly improves farming efficiency.

By completing the maze, you can drop a lot and get good enchantments on the helmet. At the moment, the top-level enchantment (increased ice nova damage and sword leaf vortex duration) costs up to 60 chaos, but you can also make money from it. Their price depends on the current POE metadata. For players who cannot traverse the maze alone, you can also traverse the maze—gifts to the goddess, as well as drops and enchantments. The basic knowledge and mechanics of the Path of Exile Labyrinth can be found in our guide.

Market transaction
For starters, it is widespread to display expensive items at low prices. You can use it to make money. Of course, this method requires an investment of time and money, but you can make a profit if you learn it. To make your search easier, we recommend using PoeNinja, where you can find the most popular items and have already searched for them in auctions.

For several leagues, experienced players have created special structures for planting the noble Orbs in the mines. This component allows players to quickly dive into the mine and earn many game coins on rare minerals and resonators. This method also has disadvantages. After several days or even weeks of farming, you will start to get bored with this method. Therefore, we recommend alternating between different methods. Besides, sulfite must circulate within the farm on the map.

Farm Boss
Some players sell the killing of the boss. For example, a player can use 8 Sirus but cannot kill him. Players find your message in the trading chat (/transaction 820) and kill you 50 chaos. You kill the boss and get paid, and the customer gets rewarded.

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