How to Farming Poe Currency – Exalted Orb and Chaos Orbs

Path of Exile’s gameplay mainly focuses on loot dropping. Players can purchase new and improved armors, weapons, and status enhancement accessories. However, the currency of the game is related to other items. In addition to the items mentioned above, loot items also have usable items. The lowest item is the Scroll of Wisdom, which enables players to identify magic weapons and other power equipment. The Scroll of Wisdom is also used as a currency for transactions with NPC vendors and with other players through the in-game market. Since the loot drops in the Path of Exile are random, trading currency is usually the easiest way to obtain powerful equipment. However, smart scrolling is just an example. The standard currency between players is Chaos Ball. This item can re-throw random attribute modifiers for any rare equipment. Chaos balls are hard to touch and are very useful for advanced players, making them very suitable as a currency in the player character. In this guide, you will learn how to Farming Chaos Orb, Exalted Orb.

How to Farming Chaos Orb
When you sell goods to NPC suppliers, you will get certain currency goods in return. These items range from the scroll of wisdom to the sphere of chaos. If you want to make money from these vendors, you will have to follow one of the following recipes.
When dealing with a supplier, you will need to sell a complete set of equipment to achieve from one to two chaotic spheres.
To get a complete set of equipment, you will need a pair of gloves, boots, two rings, a necklace, helmet, belt, armor, and a single two-handed weapon or a single two-handed weapon and shield. However, the trick is that every gear must be unusual (yellow), and almost every equipment must have an item level higher than 60. At least one gear must be between 60 and 74.
When trading all these items as a whole, you will receive a chaotic sphere. If each item has an excellent quality of +20%, you will get two chaotic spheres for trading.
However, to get the most benefit, you need to sell the items mentioned above before determining any items. A full set of unknown, uncommon level 60 or higher equipment will trade two Chaos Orbs. If each group has an excellent quality of +20%, then you will get 3 Chaos Orbs.
Since many loot drops in Path of Exile are random, this is the only sure way to get Chaos Orb. By continuously attacking different areas of the game, you will also get unexpected chaos balls. Another strategy for farming these spheres involves farming maps, which will be discussed later in this article.
As for the equipment needed to trade Chaos Orbs, you can find equipment above level 60 in any area at level 60 or higher. Therefore, it just boils down to getting into the game far enough to unlock these higher-level areas and then repeatedly robbing equipment.

How to farm Exalted Orbs
Although the Orb of Chaos is usually regarded as the standard currency for the Path of Exile players, Exalted Orbs is far from it and rarer. Therefore, it has more excellent value in the player market. If you want to farm for this highly sought after Poe Currency project, you will have to work hard.
One of the most important ways to earn lofty balls is to raid them. The location of the tomb is an excellent place to raid the noble orb. The packet loss rate is still low, but these locations even offer higher odds than many other options.

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