PoE Currency

How to Making Poe Currency

First of all. Eliminate valuable loot: currency, rare and unique things, cards and location cards, and items used to exchange merchants for currency.

Farm mobs on locations and maps. The higher the level of the location or map, the more it falls. Maps are like things, which can be magical, rare, and unique, while mods (conditions) appear on the map, greatly simplifying the process of passing but increasing the quantity and quality of throws. Compared with the previous level map with MF, more things can be found on the map of the next level in the MF gear.

MF equipment farm. The equipment items that give the best rewards for drop quality and drop amount will also damage the character’s attributes. Therefore, only characters with the right size can farm effectively while wearing fully equipped equipment.

Farm owner. They are difficult to kill but will drop a lot of valuable loot immediately. If your character is one of the few characters that can kill the most powerful boss in the game, then the benefits can be substantial. This method is not suitable for beginners.

Second. Provide currency and/or drop services for other characters. Usually, this helps pass the maze and kill difficult bosses-Shaper, Atziri, Chayula, etc. Not suitable for beginners.

A special way of providing services is to assist the passage of the Über maze. Collected a link “dedicated to the goddess” from each customer, which can be sold for several chaoses, each pass of the maze can fascinate one thing. If you are lucky with enchanting, then this thing may cost a lot of money.

Third. Hand-made by replacing items with different stones. We need a lot of gems (currency) and game mechanics, and market price knowledge. Be careful. This can easily break. Not suitable for beginners.

Fourth. Resale currency. You buy cheaper and sell more. You follow the exchange rate. A specific way of Making Poe Currency is far from turning mobs into minced meat, but usually turning them into this type of game. But when you go to stir dumplings, you can make Poe Currency.