The Most Popular Poe 3.13 Builds for Pathfinder, Chieftain, and Slayer

In the POE 3.13 Ritual Challenge Alliance, ritual altars have appeared all over the world. By killing the monsters guarding the ritual altar and then activating them, you will call more monsters into the ritual circle surrounding it. Killing those monsters will reward you with tributes, which can be used as rewards on the altar. Each area has several rituals, and the monsters killed previously in that area will be restored in the subsequent tradition. You can buy ritual fragments from the complete pattern, which can be combined to create a ritual boat. Using the ritual container on any completed ritual altar will turn it into a blood-filled box and record all the monsters killed for the first time during that ritual. The bloodshot ships can be placed next to any map in the map device to place captured monsters in ways in the area. In version 3.13.0, there are Standard, Hardcore, and Solo Self-Found variants of the Ritual Challenge League to choose from. They have the exact core mechanisms and projects. You can create private league versions of these leagues with mods that make the game harder.

[Poe 3.13] Fast, powerful, and easy to play crazy damage toxic rain pathfinder

Compared with the Trickster version, this particular version has a smaller upgrade gap, but this does not mean that the upgrade gap is not large. When you upgrade budget equipment to mid-level equipment, the first gap comes, especially when you get clustered jewelry and amulets. When you get 2 of them, your next upgrade gap is the highly disruptive statistics on the equipment, which can quickly become expensive. Attempting to obtain + level carcass Jack will also be relatively expensive. Although it is cheaper than scammers, it still requires a lot of currency.
The mapping phase of this version is relatively weak. Without any investment in the construction, it will be difficult for you to clear the red map early. However, once you have everything ready (especially jewelry and clustered jewelry), you will start processing many dps. The survivability did not appear early. Strengthening scars is the most important survivability upgrade. It takes some time to get the golden oil, so this version is not friendly to the installation of the final game.

Poison Rain is an orb of attacking skills based on chaos. After launching, it will launch 1 + 4 by default, a total of 5 projectiles shot to the sky, then land on the ground, hit the enemies around the area, and then leave pods (default 5) according to the amount of ammunition fired over time ( DoT) inflict chaos damage for 1 second (by default). This damage can be superimposed and overlap each other, applying a 10% slowing effect to each pod monster, up to 60%. When the duration of the pod ends, it will explode, hitting the enemy additionally and applying a hit effect.


  • Insane damage
  • All map mods
  • 100% flask uptime
  • Tanky
  • All content


  • Flask reliant
  • Weak early stages, takes a bit of time to reach optimal setup, not very SSF friendly


  1. Normal Lab
  2. Cruel Lab
  3. Merc Lab
  4. Uber Lab

Major : Lunaris / Arakaali
Minor : Garukhan / Tukohama
For general mapping, you will be using Soul of Lunaris to give us decent dodge, physical mitigation, and speed which is useful for mapping. For bosses such as Sirus, you might need to change it into Arakaali for the DoT storms.
Garukhan for general mapping as the upgraded version gives you some survivability and speed. But for bosses, you might need Tukohama because when we fire toxic rain, we are stationary, so the bonuses from being fixed help alot.

Bandit: Kill All
Main Skill: Toxic Rain
PoB Link:

[PoE 3.13] High damage short tank single shot structure slam chief

This version is a “thump once” game style. The cooldown of War Fist is 1.76 seconds. We will use all the buffs to make a slam attack after each War Fist cools down. Every 2 seconds is a repetition period. The following is a breakdown of the work you did in 2 seconds:
Attack with 0.5 s and rush to the enemy immediately.
Use 1.5 seconds to move, dodge the attack, pop the flask, refresh the battle sound, and recover with a durable cry.


  • High Damage: 120-204M slam and damage scalable with currency
  • Tanky :90% phys reduction, 40% block, fortify, 15% dodge, 50% evasion during mapping, 1k+ life regen
  • Insane Clear Speed: clear the screen with one hit
  • Safe: long-range damage makes it safer than other melee builds. You don’t need to be near the boss to kill it. Check out the simulacrum wave 20 videos for illustration
  • Enjoyable Play Style: slam skill has a very satisfying visual and sound effect

Can’t do Elem Reflect
Not a Lazy Build
It May was not new player-friendly. Managing charges may be overwhelming.

Valako -> Ngamahu -> Hinekora -> Ramako (for budget or midbudget)/Tukohama (for end-game)

Major: Solaris
Minor: Shakari, to help with poison damage mitigation. Once you cap your chaos res, I suggest Abberath deal with ignite and burning ground.

Bandit: Kill All
Main Skill: Tectonic Slam – Awakened melee physical damage – Awakened elem damage with the attack – Fist of War – Pulverise – Fortify
PoB Link:

[PoE 3.13] At the beginning of the league, SSF can pierce the Cyclone Killer in 1h

This is the Impale Cyclone version I made during the Legion League, and I plan to update it throughout the entire league in the future. Except for the Chief, it can be played as an advantage for any duelist/predator, and the main focus is to dismantle the endgame content without spending a lot of money. I spent about ten upgrades in previous leagues to clear all the cruel endgame content, including Sirus 8, Uber Elder, Shaper, Aul, Cortex, etc.


  • This build can achieve stupid levels of damage.
  • League start and SSF viable.
  • No required items.
  • Good clearspeed.
  • Tackles end game easily on a low budget.
  • Has lots of room for min/max.


  • It’s perfectly viable in SSF but struggles more than Champion/Gladiator with low gear access.
  • While our Cyclone area is huge, we are still playing Melee, which is dangerous at times.
  • Meta build means some end game items can be expensive.
  • Leap Slam is bugged in the current patch causing you to get stuck on objects easily.
  • It’s not a tank build, so you have to dodge things yourself.

Unwavering Stance – Full stun immunity costs 3-4 skill points on the tree but prevents us from evading hits while in sand stance.
Endless Hunger – Full stun immunity with a decent attack speed buff and being unaffected by a bleed. However, it comes at the cost of an ascendancy point, and those are quite competitive.
Unwavering Focus – Cluster jewel notable. They give 40% stun avoid each as well as a decent dps buff. You will want at least 2x of these on medium clusters and preferably 20% elsewhere, most likely in the form of a betrayal craft or anoint.
Anoints – There are currently 3 anoints, which all fill the remaining 20% for Unwavering Focus, being Lucidity(Utility), Heart of Oak(Life), and Unpredictable Offense(DPS). This also comes at our anoint slot cost, meaning we will be slightly less efficient in dps/life.

Major: Soul of Lunaris, Soul of Arakaali, and Soul of Solaris are all solid choices. I use Lunaris for maps, Solaris for bosses, and Arakaali when I’m in no danger of one-shots but want to mitigate damage over time.
Minor: Soul of Shakari’s upgraded version is perfect, so I use it a lot. Soul of Gruthkul’s upgraded version is also perfect as it slows anything that hits you.

Bandit: Alira is the best choice for the cheap variant of the build.
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