Global chip shortage will continue until 2022, and gaming graphics cards will be affected

According to multiple industry experts, the shortage of gaming GPUs is expected to continue until 2022. Since the demand for chips exceeds the supply capacity by about 30%, experts estimate that it will take 3-4 quarters of supply to meet market demand. This means that the chance of players buying AMD, Intel, or Nvidia gaming graphics cards in the future is still meager.

Despite supply problems, the market value of chip manufacturers reached a new high during this period, although ordinary players ignore this aspect. According to Harlan Sur, an analyst at Morgan Stanley in Japan, chip demand exceeds current output capacity by 10% to 30%, and it may take up to a year to catch up.

Even if this period is over, it will take three to six months for chip manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, and Nvidia to get the chips and replenish all distribution channels.

Since the epidemic disrupted the world economy last year, the demand for semiconductors has reached an all-time high (social distance has led to increased demand for digital products from the public). Besides, these chips are becoming more and more complex and more challenging to produce.

Christopher Rolland, a financial expert at Susquehanna International Group, believes that as we enter the spring when countries stop blockades and restart their economies, the shortage of chips will become more serious.

Hardware Times editor Areej reported that countries in South Asia, such as Gigabyte, Asus, MSI, and other AIB manufacturers, have received no more than 20 RTX 3080 graphics cards. China is an exception. This month, they have received about 100 RTX. 3080.