Poe 3.13 Recently Added Builds for Chieftain, Elementalist, and Champion

The PoE 3.13 ceremony has been added to the core game and has undergone an extensive redesign. It no longer contains garden building elements, and it is no longer your permanent garden. Instead, you now have the opportunity to find the gateway to the established sacred forest on the map, which contains several different Ritualable plots. Each graph is displayed as a pair of options. Arrange one plot to destroy another story, so choose carefully. As before, ritualization will cause monsters to appear, and after defeating the monsters, you will be able to craft items on the Lifeforce Collector.

[PoE 3.13] Cheap Discharge Prominence Burn PLUS ULTRA Chieftain Build

The Build was very interested in discharge and finally decided to join the league. We know the ignition of elementalism. Although they have dmg, it is a bit too soft for me. So I decided to make the Chief Edition. This build tool is very easy/cheap. Most of you can easily do better. Build’s current DPS is slightly higher than 6 million ignition DPS. If I reach the minimum/maximum limit, I can use dual influence gears, and everything can be pushed to 7 million, but my current dmg is at least enough for me. You can easily reach 5 million dps. Once it gets 6 million, you will have to do more to advance it further.
-Before interacting with the endgame boss, you want to release the discharge to trigger Valako’s ascent (if you have lost the stamina cost in the past 8 seconds, you will have to increase the damage by 15%). Then I can’t help crying to get ten charges
-Put down three scorching ray totems
-Cast Storm brand (so you can get EE and EO at the same time)
-A wave of the firm belief
-Cry down to the ground
-Press the flask and cast

Valako – Ramako – Taslio – Arohongui

Arakaali – Shakari

Bandit: Kill all
Main Skill: Discharge
PoB Link:

[PoE 3.13] Quite Fast Quad Herald Blade Vortex Elementalist Build

This version is especially suitable for players who have difficulty getting enough currency for the 300Ex BV version. Besides, you also need to understand Boss Fights. It is strong but immortal and will not cause excessive damage as a 300Ex BV Build obv. It is not suitable for players who already own so much currency and know to play the super expensive Herald BV Builds.


  • More or less budget
  • Quite fast
  • only need two unique items and one rare amulet Crusader mod
  • Strong budget
  • Quite frank BV construction

-BV needs to be recast (as always)
-Not everyone likes to be close to the enemy
-Of course, there are more powerful BV constructions
-2 unique identities are required, so it is not cheap at the beginning of the league

Bandit: Kill All
PoB Link:

[PoE 3.13] League Starter viable Sweep Champion 2H Axe Physical Build
The entire gear is around rare items made as high-end gear and starting gear.
Therefore, I will show you the essential products you can look for, the influence you want, the statistical information you want, and the minimum number of layers of each affix to bring what you want to every In the final product of ad slots.
Stats (prefix) is P, the suffix is ​​S, and the elaborate Mod is C.
I will show the possible “unique” before you put high-end items on the slot machine, we can use them or some things that can be added, but I will ask you to find solutions in gears and trees to place them.
Moreover, I will provide you with the equipment of the championship equipment that I handcrafted for most people.
I will try to explain at the end of this section what order you don’t want to make your equipment more accessible.


  • It is feasible for league beginners
  • Good map clearing
  • Stable enough to enter the red map without a lot of investment
  • Can run any map mod expert feedback (reducing life regeneration may be challenging)
  • No unique dependencies
  • AFK brain
  • Can be minimized and maximized to crush the entire game
  • Have fun (finally for me: P)

-Unless you minimize it, it is not a good boss killer
-Minimum-Maximum price may be very high (may reach 500Ex)
-Lack of defensive capabilities in all aspects of defense! Not a stupid whirlwind.
-Tough time through hardcore
-It may be boring to mana until the primary skill with 0 mana cost is obtained

Bandit: Kill All
PoB Link: