PoE Currency

How to make Currency in the Path of Exile 2021

How does the path of exile make Currency? Many friends told me that POE couldn’t make Currency. The currency is very cheap, and there is almost no value. I didn’t make two or three thousand in a month. I want to say that as a file deletion test game, the performance of Exile is eye-catching enough. UU’s peak list of nearly 400 pages is a height that almost no test game has reached. The profiteering level of the previous week was not lost to any masterpiece. Unfortunately, due to the game’s economic system structure, the rate of price depreciation has surpassed any game. Two or three hundred things in the open area of ​​the Path of Exile, many are only ten or even a few dollars in just one month. It is indeed a heavy blow to the everyday map-sweeping party. In general, this is a game that is not suitable for novices. Many friends have played for a month, saying that they have not made any Currency, and asked how many times have they hit T. In the end, what does T few mean…

Even after playing for a month, I only hit T5, and T6 is everywhere. As a game gold digger, if the level of understanding of a game is not as good as that of an ordinary player, want to make Currency? It is a bit whimsical.

Summarize some of the gold withdrawal ideas of the Path of Exile:

  1. Red Gate
    Red Gate is the best particular BOSS to play. It starts from the four fragments of midnight, dawn, dusk, and midnight, with low cost and high profits. The queen in the early stage can be said to be a treasure all over. Even now, there are still dozens of yuan worth of items produced. If you can brush the red door indefinitely in the previous week, the conservative profit will not be less than 500 a day, and the equipment requirements are not very high. A set of garbage blood suits for the knife array has about 4000 blood. The street panel is 1W5+, elemental. You can kill the queen before you finish six doors.
  2. Electric Water Plaza
    The initial price of electricity is pretty much. The first bottle of goods to transfer electricity seems to be more than 800, and the ticket only needs more than 100R, can there be more profitable than this? Even if the face is black and cannot be transferred, the garbage is out. You can also make a small profit. However, because the tickets are slightly expensive, you must make sure you can make it through. Otherwise, you will lose your life. It is not recommended for newcomers to try. At least do not try until you have brushed T15.
  3. Prophecy
    Due to the existence of large game studios, silver coins are cheap. I don’t want them. If you can make predictions proficiently, just a day’s forecast can provide at least 100+ income in the first half of the month. If you can’t do it, you can check the information. Most of the predictions now know.
  4. About making equipment
    Initially, I thought it was easy to make equipment. Recently, I have taught a few people how to make equipment. Without exception, I was utterly wiped out. I realized that I was too naive, so I do not recommend new people to try it. Besides, I know how to make equipment. I have a good understanding of the game. High, there is no need to watch me gossiping here.
  5. I wanted to think about the ultimate BOSS and forget it because I haven’t done it either, although the guy’s things are precious…
    In general, if you don’t have a sufficient understanding of the Path of Exile game itself, this can only be a “fast food” game, earning ten days a week, good luck, a few valuable types of equipment, a few thousand yuan, or It’s straightforward to do. As for the game studio, after it takes shape, it has no choice but to withdraw.
    The Path of Exile wants to have enough income without deleting files. For example, set a small goal first and earn tens of thousands of dollars a month. At least this test must first reach T15. Of course, it is better to pass the red gate and the green gate.