Steam Weekly Sales Ranking: Valheim completes six consecutive championships Forza Horizon 4 second

Week Steam announced the game sales rankings last week (March 8 to March 14) as scheduled. This issue of ranking survival game Valheim: Temple of Valor completed six consecutive championships, Microsoft’s exclusive masterpiece Forza Motorsport: Horizon 4 landed on Steam, Loop Hero ranked third.

Steam Weekly Sales Ranking:

  1. Valheim
  2. Forza Motorsport: Horizon 4
  3. Loop Hero
  4. Valve Index VR kit
  5. Forza Motorsport: Horizon 4
  6. Ghost Valley and Eight Wastes
  7. CS: GO Crazy Teeth Operation
  8. Middle-earth: Shadow of War Ultimate Selection Edition
  9. Fortress: Separation of Heroes
  10. Metro: Departure Gold Edition

The popularity of the multiplayer survival game Valheim continues to rise, and the current ranking continues to top the list, completing six consecutive championships.
This is a purgatory-style 1-10 person exploration and survival game inspired by Viking culture and generated by programs. Use battle, build and conquer to create your legendary epic and win Odin’s favor!

Forza Horizon 4
Microsoft’s exclusive racing masterpiece Forza Motorsport: Horizon 4 landed on the Steam platform and successfully entered the rankings this time, ranking second and fifth.
At the world’s largest car carnival, the ever-changing season changes everything. Single-handedly or team up with others, explore the beautiful and historic Britain in a shared open world. Collect, modify and drive more than 450 vehicles. Race, perform stunts, create and explore: choose your way to become a superstar on the horizon.

Loop Hero
Loop Hero just released has been affirmed by many players, and the current popularity remains good. This issue of the ranking has successfully entered third place.
The lich plunged the world into an endless loop, and everyone was devastated by infinite chaos. Players need to manipulate a stack of ever-expanding mysterious cards to set enemies, buildings, and various terrains for the heroic hero in each unique adventure cycle.

CS: GO DLC Operation Crazy Teeth
The popularity of veteran games is always excellent, and the new DLC Operation Crazy Teeth in this issue of the ranking list CS: GO ranks seventh.
Join the battle and take part in Operation Crazy Tooth! New challenges, waiting for you! The new defense mode and the exclusive priority of Operation Crazy Teeth are waiting for you to experience. In each game mode, play a new map. You can also check your performance on the significant action data page. Complete weekly tasks and get rich rewards, including new agents, weapon collections, prints, patches, and graffiti.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Final Edition
This week, the old game Middle-earth: Shadow of War returned to the list, ranking eighth.
The vast open-world created by the award-winning enemy system is where you can travel. Forge the Lord of Domination, conquer the fortress through glorious battles, and rule Mordor with your army of half-orcs. It’s all here—the Ultimate Selection Edition of Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

Fortress: Separation of Heroes
Last week, the new classic RTS game Fortress series Fortress: Separation of Heroes was released. The game also successfully entered the rankings, ranking ninth in the rankings.
For the first time in history, you can recruit, upgrade and directly command AI on the battlefield through the form of in-game warlords. Under your command, each warlord will improve your superb strategic skills through its unique gifts, characteristics, and upgradeable skills. Let them work for your industry, strengthen border defenses, forge powerful weapons, or team up for flanking!

Metro: Gone Gold Edition
The gold version of Metro: Gone is being discounted, and the game successfully used the green BUFF to enter the list, ranking tenth in the list. Metro: Exodus is a first-person shooter game produced by 4A Games. It has an epic storyline, allowing you to experience deadly battles and stealth in this unprecedented immersive game world, and feel the horror of exploration and survival.
Explore the wilds of Russia in the endless levels, go through a one-year storyline, spend spring, summer, and autumn until the harsh nuclear winter.