With PvP MMO constantly appearing but Themepark is gradually disappearing

The instantiated PvP content is generally more balanced and easier to balance. In the original New World, the battle for the fort can only be won by a simple majority rather than skills and tactics. Someone discussed the fact that a guild composed of many members dominates the server. I think this is bad, so I appreciate PvP in Guild Wars 2. For example, you don’t even have an advantage with better equipment.

On the other hand, there are only many MMORPGs that rely on open-world PvP. If you look at the major publications in the past six years and the future, you can hardly find a pure theme park MMORPG:
ArcheAge and Black Desert are two successful MMORPGs in recent years.

Current titles in recent years, such as Bless Unleashed, Legend of Aria, or the upcoming Elyon, are all concentrated on PvP. Even PvE MMORPG Astellia has launched an open PvP with a Free2Play version.

Independent MMORPGs under development, such as Crowfall, Camelot Unchained, Corepunk, and Ashes of Creation, are all open to PvP, although they sometimes impose severe penalties on Ghanaians.
Besides, in recent years, people have developed a strong interest in survival games such as ARK, Rust, or Valheim, and they have achieved great success on Steam. Among them, players can also fight according to the server.

Themepark MMORPG is very popular with many players. World of Warcraft is the primary example that has occupied the top spot for many years. World of Warcraft Studios even completed 3.7 million sales within 24 hours, making it the best-selling PC game of all time.
Many MMORPGs are no longer interested when they are launched, precisely because they rely heavily on PvP. The desire for PvE games is excellent.

I like to explore a world, experience a story, defeat the boss with other players, and compete without stress and fear. PvP shouldn’t be ubiquitous, but it is an option for me. It is best to provide me with this feature in Themepark MMORPG.

In the New World test event, I have enjoyed the joint competition with the corrupt organization, the exquisite craftsmanship and beauty of the game world. With the development of innovations such as dungeons, new areas, and fishing, this part is being expanded.
Then, when I feel like PvP, I throw myself into the battle of the arena or the new world fortress. However, in an open world, I want to relax.
Why do developers rely so little on Themepark? Theme park games are usually very complex because they require stories and constantly updated content. Players consume content faster than developers can write content. This is why the content of the discussion is often light.
Sandbox, PvP, and survival games have significant advantages. As a developer, you only need to lay the foundation, and players can build their content. This reduces the workload while ensuring a longer bonding time.

The new world has changed, from PvP and sandboxes to theme parks. However, it can be seen from the current changes that this is also more complicated. However, I think this development is correct.
What do you think of the development? What is needed for Shinsekai to become an excellent theme park MMORPG?