Blade & Soul 2 broke the player record before its release

In South Korea, MMORPG Blade & Soul 2 will go on sale in May next year. Two million players registered pre-registration, breaking the record.
What is Blade&Soul 2? The sequel (in that country, 2016) of MMORPG’s Blade & Soul (released in the country in 2012) allows you to re-experience the role of martial arts fighters in the same fantasy world influenced by Asia. The heroes of the past have now become legends, and you will discover many new challenges and secrets in the world.

Compared with Part 2, Part 2 hopes to introduce some changes and innovations. This includes determining your fighting style by weapon rather than class. As you unlock the history of the game area, exploring the world becomes more and more critical.
Combat should be full of action and tactics. You can change weapons in the battle to adapt to new situations.

The craze for Blade&Soul 2 is enormous.
When will the game come out? Blade&Soul 2 will be launched in South Korea in May. Pre-registration has started. The release is planned to be used on mobile devices and PCs through a unique platform called Purple. In this country, MMORPG should be launched in 2021. No exact date yet.
What record did the game break? Within less than 18 hours of the pre-registration phase of Blade & Soul 2, 2 million players in South Korea have registered for MMORPG.
In 2017, NCSoft announced that the pre-registration of LineageM reached the 2 million mark within 18 hours (via NCSoft). Blade&Soul 2 was able to break this record in time.
Why is MMORPG so popular in Korea? In Korea, there are large-scale e-sports circles around Blade&Soul. There are competitions and tournaments.
The development of Blade&Soul 2 focuses on e-sports. Therefore, the sequel can replace Part 1 and become South Korea’s new e-sports giant.
For this, the player must first become familiar with the new mechanics. The sooner you enter, the sooner you are fit to participate in the competition.
Besides, Blade & Soul 2 seems to be a very exciting MMORPG that attracts PvE and PvP lovers, and thanks to Unreal Engine 4, it looks perfect even on mobile devices.
Therefore, fans are already very excited to see whether Part 2 will match its previous version, surpass and make it a new e-sports game.