ESO birthday event is your chance to earn a lot of Gold easily

The anniversary of MMORPG ESO will start at 4 pm on April 1. The celebration ended at 4 pm on April 13th. During this time, you need to do a lot of things to be rewarded. What are the rewards? In the mission, you can find free anniversary cake tokens under Hungry Cake. Go to the pastry chef Donolon, and he can be found in the port areas of Vulkhelwacht, Davon’s Wacht, and Dolchsturz. You must seek an opportunity for him and get the treatment he deserves.

If you eat the cake, just like April Fool’s Day, you will get 100% extra experience points within two hours. On the one hand, this is interesting for newcomers who can advance so quickly, but on the other hand, veterans also have the opportunity to earn more points for the new Champion System 2.0.
This is why ESO Anniversary is so beneficial to you
How do you get a lot of money? As part of the anniversary event, you will receive handicrafts every day. These give you the task of making certain items. You will get one of these books and characters every day. Each letter can produce about 4,500 Eso gold on average. However, it depends on its value.
Taking care of these books every day is a profitable job because you can quickly make money. If you play multiple roles (alternative), you can get more works and crafts and thus make more money. However, this requires a lot of effort because you have to use each twink to create a project.
In this way, coupled with the EXP bonus, you can move forward quickly on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of ESO. For example, because you subsequently invested money in better equipment.
Pufferfoot explained on Reddit why he was looking forward to it: Oh boy. This is the only time in a year I dug up my 14 alternatives to take away everyday handicrafts.
Jim-Pip agreed (via Reddit): It is so profitable. At this point, I always join some guilds. After that, I am exhausted and need a break. But it’s worth it.

What other tasks and rewards are there? There are many more options for the birthday event of the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls. Including the following tasks:
The daily pursuit of treasury and open-world leaders
The daily quest for alliance wars and battlefields
Daily exploration of dungeons and trials
Daily assault and communion missions

You will receive the following rewards:
Craft material
Style pages of various craft styles
Facilities construction plan
Worm Cult’s Craft Style Page
Jeffrey Paladin’s clothing style page for armor and weapons
The equipment style page of the Empire Champion weapon
Metamorphic crystal
Fragment event ticket,
Anniversary cake to decorate your house
Group maintenance supplies and more
What’s special? During the event, you will get the first fragment, which can transform the inconsistent rocks of the flying partner into a land of dead-fire striders. Then, the last element required for this event will be provided on a later occasion.