It Takes Two gets good reviews on METACRITIC on PS5 and PC

IT Takes Two is a cooperative game that is currently receiving positive reviews on Metacritic. Especially for the PC and PS5 versions, the reviews were well received in the 1990s. We introduce you to the title and explain how players and testers love One Two Three.

What It Takes Two? In the new game from the developer of The Way Out, you are trapped in the roles of Cody and May, and a couple is experiencing a crisis. The two turned into little dolls through a spell, and now a way must be found to reverse this transformation. To this end, they have mastered the surrounding environment, solved problems, and must take cooperative action, which brought the two slowly closer.

The two of them experienced crazy adventures during the journey. You will fight with gangster squirrels, speed through snowballs on sleds, compete with wasps, play video games and ride spiders. Only when both parties act together can they meet the challenge.

What’s so special about that? You can only play the cooperative game The Takes Two People with two people. There is no way for AI to play a role. Therefore, you always need a partner. This can be achieved through split-screen local co-op games or online mode.

However, only one version of the game is required. Because you have a friend pass, you can share the title with other people, so invite them to join your fun without the need for other players to purchase This Takes Two.

Metacritic made about 90 reviews on Xbox One, PC, PS5, and two reviews
How is the game going? The thought of Metacritic’s international gaming magazine is:
The PS4 version has a score of 85 (out of 100).
On Xbox One, the game scored 90 points on Metacritic
On PS5, two criteria of 89 points are required.
The game also scored 89 points on PC
Xbox Series X ratings are not yet available on Metacritic.

This is the evaluation of The Takes Two Time by the international game media:
GameRant (PS5)-100 points
: One person can only complete the Takes Two is a great cooperative game that will go down in history as a contender for the classic game genre and the best game of the year. There was no dull moment throughout the game, and we did not encounter any malfunctions or technical problems. The Takes Two People is optimized almost perfectly and is an absolute must for co-op fans.
Gamespot (PS4)-90 points: Impressive. Takes Two is the best 3D platform game I have played since Super Mario Odyssey, and like this game, it has a rich style. You can ride a frog, fly a plane with wings made of Cody’s boxer shorts, or fight in a Diablo-style castle. Although many things can be done, The Takes Two people can handle each mechanic well.
IGN France (Xbox Series X/S)-100 points: Undoubtedly, this time of The Takes Two, this is one of the best platform games I have played in the past ten years. The level design is amazing, and the collaboration elements A lot of ideas make every point of the game so interesting.
Shacknews (PC)-90 points: Playing with The Takes Two people, this brings me back to the era of couch co-op games I experienced with friends and family. Shared laughter, frustration, and victory are what I miss very much. One aspect of cooperative games. With imaginative and creative puzzles and unique environments, Flower Twice is undoubtedly the best couch cooperative game I have played recently.
Gamestar (PC)-87 points: The Takes Two time, this is a fast-paced, imaginative and crazy creative action journey.

Who is the game for? Suppose you want to experience an interesting cooperative match between two people while following an exciting and exquisite story. In that case, you must master challenges and puzzles simultaneously, then The Takes Two is your best choice. You can get games for PC, PS/PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

Have you participated in The Takes Two? Do you think this is as good as the international gaming media and those who have gambled?