Path of Exile

Path of Exile Steam, Epic, official website Download tutorial

Players who like dark games should be familiar with the Path of Exile I believe many people are also playing the Path of Exile of the national server. However, due to specific national conditions, the national server price has been inferior. Therefore, many players choose to play Path of Exile on international servers. There are currently three ways to use global servers: Steam, Epic, and Official Website. Today we will discuss how to play alone.

  1. Official website method
    First, we log in to the website:, and then open the official account registration page of Path of Exile.
    The information required for account registration is straightforward. Only a username, email address, and password are required. Enter the required information, and then click the Create Account button after passing the interpersonal verification. After that, the mailbox will receive an email. Click the link in the email to verify the email and complete the registration.
    After successfully registering an account, we open the official website of Path of Exile and click the Play Free Now button on the right to download the game installer.
    Run the downloader, and then wait for the game to download.
  2. Steam platform method
    For Steam, anyone who plays games must be familiar with this.
    After registering an external server Steam account, log in to the Steam platform, search for exile path in the search, and you can find exile path in the search results. I believe you will be familiar with the subsequent download process, not to repeat it here.
  3. Epic platform method
    Open Epic’s homepage in your browser:, log in to your Epic account, and select the Account option.
    After jumping to the account interface, go down to find the Country/Region option and then manually select a region other than China.
    Open the website directly through the browser: You can enter the store page of Path of Exile. Of course, you can also search for Path to Exile directly on the Epic platform.
    Just click the red get button below, and the checkout interface will pop up. Since it is a free game, we only need to connect to place an order. After that, we can download the game directly in the game library.