Which are the new PS Plus free games for PS4 and PS5 in April?

Sony announced new free games that will be available to PS Plus members in April 2021. As always, PS4 has two games, while PS5 has an exclusive game. Here are the PS Plus games in April 2021: PS Plus owners with a valid subscription can expect to provide three free games in April, and this month’s zombie games will also be played on the PlayStation. Depending on whether you own a PS4 or PlayStation 5, this time, you will get:

PS4 – Days Gone – A third-person action-adventure game after the apocalypse
Zombie Army 4: Dead War (PS4) – a third-person shooter game in which you fight hordes of Nazi zombies
Oddworld: Soulstorm (PS5) – a platform game where you must solve puzzles and save friends
When does the free download start on the PS Store? The new PS Plus game can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store as a subscriber from April 6.

PS4 – Days Gone

What are Days Gone? In an action-adventure game with survival horror elements, you will be taken to the post-apocalyptic world when human civilization collapses. This is because a virus turns people into ferocious, aggressive monsters called fasting, people.
Your role is Deacon St. John, and he is a bounty hunter who survives in a cruel world with his friend Boozer. To find his missing wife, Dickon had to fight against hordes of opponents and find out the secrets behind the virus and Freakers.
In an open world, you can roam the country and collect items that can help you survive and complete tasks. You can complete these tasks as you wish. Whether it is a sneak attack or a melee, or a long-range weapon, it is your choice. There is also a manual crafting system that allows you to improve the equipment.
If you feel that the setting in post-apocalyptic is dark and desperate, you should check Days Gone. Bomb bombs provide a good terrorist factor, and the horse herd is so large that you can’t feel helpless like a player.

PS4 – Zombie Army 4: Dead War

What is Zombie Army 4: Dead War? The background of the third-person shooter is 1946. The Second World War continued, but the members of the global resistance were not soldiers but fighting against a group of zombies in the Third Reich.
You can choose four different characters from the resistance you want to control in the game. They have their backstory and skills. The game is divided into chapters and has a level system that can be used to unlock new perks. It can also be played in cooperation with up to 4 players.
In the battle against Hitler and his zombies, the game will take you through different scenes in Europe, such as Venice, Sardinia, Croatia, and even Rome.
If you want to kill zombies with your friends, you should check out Zombie Army 4: Dead War. The game can be played in clan mode, both battle, and cooperative mode, and provides you with enough zombies.

PS5 – Oddworld: Soulstorm

What is Oddworld: Soulstorm? The second part of the Oddworld series takes you back to the role of Mudokon Abe. He is the floor polisher of the RuptureFarms meat factory, but accidentally he becomes a reluctant hero.
In Soulstorm, his story continues. He must save more than 1,000 other Mudokons by guiding them through the 2.9D world, solving puzzles, collecting resources, and avoiding or eliminating dangers. He has the mysterious ability to control opponents and a new production system, which helps him.
Oddworld: Soulstorm is a brand new game released on April 6th and will be directly available to PS Plus members as a free PS5 game.
You should check out Oddworld: Soulstorm if you like a crazy platform game, which includes puzzles and exciting game mechanics, including everything from the action to the invisible part.
To fully understand the story behind Fantasy World: Soul Storm, it is best to play Fantasy World: Abe’s Odyssey-New Genius first.

This is how you get PS Plus games.
What you need: In principle, you only need a valid PS Plus subscription.
For about 60 Euros per year, you will receive 3 PS Plus games per month: 2 of which are PS4 games, and the other is PS5 games. You can get it as a digital download from the PS Store without paying extra. As a member of PlayStation Plus, you can also enjoy some additional benefits.
The advantages of PS Plus at a glance: In addition to monthly free games, subscribers can also get the following:
Access to online multiplayer games in many games
PlayStation Store exclusive discount
Exclusive in-game content for many games
PlayStation Plus series for PS5 owners
Visit the free trial version, where you can try some full titles for free.
What do you think of the new April lineup on PlayStation Plus? Are they great games, or would you like other games? Do you have any titles that you are particularly looking forward to? Let us and other readers know in the comments.