World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft brings cute Proostosts as a new allied race

We reported that the WOW 9.1 version of the dominance chain finally came to life. The patch should land on the PTR within two weeks. However, an error by Blizzard ensured that Dataminers could download the first game data from There is a discovery that many Kyrian fans should be happy about. What’s happening? A new entry was found in the 9.1 patches World of Warcraft playable race files. A file named mortal_steward was found, which refreshed many players. Because butler is the English term for the dean on the fort, these little owls can support you anywhere and are craftsmen of the Kaili people. The initial suspicion was that the data miners also searched the older game data more carefully and found new entries, so it seemed clear: Provosten would be a new allied race in World of Warcraft!

Character creation reveals playable lessons
The data miners successfully transferred the game data to learn more about the allies. It is already apparent that both the Alliance and the Horde can use teaching assistants and can play the following courses:

The role creation was also introduced. According to this, the personalization of the governor is not as good as that of humans or night elves, but they do have some interesting settings. This includes:
Full body-color
Full body style (busy, smooth, etc.)
Rejected symbol
Temple mark (purity, humility, wisdom, loyalty, courage)
Eye color
The armor is hidden: Like the animal druid, most of the time, the armor of the protozoa is secret. Only weapons, shields, and off-hand weapons are displayed, and the rest disappear in the feathers. However, if it does not have all its glory, it would be a shame.

Raise racial abilities
When comparing game data, we also found entries for race skills. These are bonuses that every provost can receive, regardless of his or her rank. All these are:
Overtime (passive): The tedious work of the fortress makes you proficient in handicrafts. There is a 7% chance of not consuming any resources when creating items.
Uh, accident insurance (passive): thick feathers can protect you from falling. If you lose more than 20 meters, you will begin to tremble, which will reduce the speed at which you fall sharply for 10 seconds.
Encourage How to call (active): Make an exhilarating chi sound, increasing the damage and healing effect on all allies within 10 yards by 2% for 15 seconds. 2 minutes cooling time. Instant magic.
Summon aspiring people: You have summoned a Kyrian aspiring person who will provide merchandise to support you within 5 minutes. However, sometimes aspiring people are hungry, thirsty, or bored and refuse to serve. 15 minutes cooling time. They are casting time of 3 seconds.

Flugmount is a rider.
Also of particular interest is the parish chief’s flying mount that players receive when they reach their master’s level of 60. The mission data shows that all 60-level deans will be invited to participate in Mikanikos. This is the highest Provost that the player already knows from the fortress.
Mikanikos persuaded the Kyrgyz people also to raise the dean so that they can provide better services. After a lengthy discussion, the Kyrgyz enthroned allowed this. Then, your dean will be rewarded with wings so that you can fly like a Carey.
However, this effort has failed to some extent. The dean accepted his wings but seemed unable to control them adequately. The provost is seaworthy, but outside help is needed to use it. Therefore, the governor cannot summon an amount but a rider!
The mission series ends with Mikanikos sending you a search for mortals who will teach you the art of flying. It can be said that the dean must look for a role that can act as a rider and rope. A remarkable feature that also uses prominent characters.
Like the way that Dark Iron Dwarves can unlock various drilling points, the Dean can find NPCs anywhere in the game world and invite them as flight instructors to help them. This NPC is changed through a new feature, which is similar to the hunter’s stable.

So far, the confirmed roles that can help you become a rider are:
Li Stormstout (Pandaria)
Farmer Yin (Pandaria)
The incredible Akazamzarak (Dalaran, Legion)
Chromie (Tanaris, Caverns of Time)
Mila (Vol’dun)
Lady Laurel (Ardenwald)
Image of Jandice Barov (Western Plaguelands)
Murky (Fort Hodge, Legion)
Therefore, you must roam Azeroth and other worlds and find a character who plays your rider and wants to master everything. But for the rarest drivers, you have to put in real effort and sometimes even complete puzzles.

When does the provost take effect? It is not clear when this race will participate in the competition and join the tribes and alliances in the mortal world. However, if you look at the current status of World of Warcraft, the delays in The Domain Chain 9.1 and the current date, you can assume that it will take a considerable amount of time.