You can earn real money on the new STEAM MMORPG Virtuverse

Free2Play MMORPG Virtuverse for Steam will take you into a galaxy full of possibilities. The adventure takes you to the planet Stig, where you should establish a colony. However, many dangers are waiting for you, including dangerous creatures or hostile colonists who want your leather.

On the earth, you will also discover the ruins of ancient alien civilizations. It is your job to find out where the aliens are now and why they left the earth.

Virtuverse hopes to combine the story with the sandbox game. You can build houses and entire cities, collect raw materials, craft your items, and then provide them to other players. Therefore, you can bring it to well-known builders or influential business people.

There are no category restrictions in the game. Every player can use any item. Therefore, you can get the best weapons or armor without worrying about whether the hero is allowed to use this equipment.

Be rich or poor in MMORPG Virtuverse.
What is unique about the game? Virtuverse supports the use of real currency for transactions. Therefore, you can purchase player-made items with real money. Since you can only get perfect items through trading, artisans can make money. The MMORPG developers keep a portion of each transaction to fund the further development of the game and server.

However, you must be careful. Because in PvP, you may lose your device. If you are defeated, other players will take the items you bought with money. Therefore, profit and loss are closely related.

Therefore, you may lose everything in the saved PvP battle. However, PvP combat takes place in a particular arena, so it is optional. Nevertheless, you must always carefully consider which weapons and armor to bring into these areas.

When does the game start? Virtuverse will be launched as a Free2Play game on Steam in the fourth quarter of 2021. But you can already register on the official website (via, download the early access version, and have a first impression of the game.

Who is the game for? Virtuverse is very interesting for all players who want to experience sci-fi scenes instead of new fantasy worlds. Besides, those who want to make money while playing games without avoiding the risk of losing everything can look at the title.