MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV reproduces hairstyle, and fans cheer for joy

MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV announced on Twitter that the old hairstyles that were previously available are now returning. Fans also celebrate because charm is the real endgame in FFXIV. The hairstyle that is so popular among many players is called Modern Aesthetics-Gambler. This hairstyle was initially used on NPC M’naago Rahz. She is the resistance fighter that players encounter in the Stormblood plugin.

The hairstyle was initially launched during the 2017 Golden Disc Exhibition and is only available for a short period. Players who missed the festival or started FFXIV later have nothing. Now, Square Enix announced on Twitter that the hairstyle would make a comeback in FFXIV.

On April 13, the new patch 5.5 will be released, and the coveted hairstyle will reappear in the game. You will be able to exchange the MGP currency in the gold disc for the item. Therefore, it can run without the participation of real money shops.

In the preliminaries, some players worried: if the hairstyle comes back, it will only appear in the cash store. This fear is not satisfied.

This hairstyle was trendy at the time of its release, which is why one or two memes made fun of this popularity.

What players say: On Lodestone, the official website of MMORPG, there have been comments and requests that the hairstyle should be returned since 2017 (via Lodestone). Now, in the announcement on Twitter, the joy of restoring hairstyles is immense. After all, the charm and stylish appearance of the character is considered the actual ending of FFXIV.

Tweets from the UK’s FFXIV account have more than 6,600 votes. This number is only news of the next Nier raid in the past few days. Most importantly, hair fans are happy that they don’t have to pay extra for this.

Hairstyle is part of a limited-time event, and such events usually enter the actual money store after the event. This is not the case with gambler hairstyles.

However, one thing is to cloud the player’s emotions. Viera and Hrothgar, the matches introduced with Shadowbringers in FFXIV, still cannot use such hairstyles, which is why players in these matches will be annoyed by it.