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Path of Exile 3.14 New Expansion Ultimatum Take Place on PC on April 16

Grinding Gear Games announced a new Ultimatum expansion for the action role-playing game Path of Exile (PoE). Some unique challenges are waiting for you, and you must be very careful. What is the request? Even though Path of Exile 2 is already in development and has shown new gameplay, the development studio Grinding Gear Games is still providing new content for the current game. The latest expansion or alliance revolves around risk. Do you want to master particularly powerful loot and risk losing everything you have won, or be satisfied with less satisfaction?

Trialmaster Chaos appears in the game and challenges you to take risks. These are related to the loss of valuable trophies or bitterness. The focus is on two experiments:
Adventure: The trial master challenges you, and you must defeat a powerful opponent. If you do this, you will be rewarded. Or you continue to try to fight these monsters with more severe difficulty. Then, you will get more valuable loot. If you want to stop, then the item you earn is yours. However, if you keep going and fight against increasingly powerful enemies, you may lose everything. Because if you are defeated, everything you got in the challenge before will disappear.

No decision: The second trial is based on a principle similar to go all out. You should bring an item into the presiding judge’s domain and master the challenge here. If you can do this, you will get a product that doubles in value. However, if you lose, your belongings are gone.

The trailer gives you insight into the new Path of Exile league:

Ultimatum is more innovative.
What is the new Path of Exile 3.14 There are new items and skills? You can use these new items and abilities to face the enemy. The following are new unique products:
A glimpse of the Chas Vaal mask-this item brings you life, mana, and energy shield bonuses, but it reduces elemental resistance, while it has no resistance to chaos.
Mahuxotl’s machining-you can get 6 Keystone passive skills at a time. You can freely combine these. According to the PoE developers, they should have special effects.
The new loot includes the extremely rare Reliquary Key, which you can use to enter the treasure room. Here you can find versions of new league items. Advanced monsters can also throw potent items without having to participate in unique content such as activities.
Before choosing an enchantment, you can also check the enchantment effect, and the Pandanus Coin item now provides you with more item options than NPC Cairo provides. Incubator rewards have been improved, including new beasts, and boss Atziri’s rewards have also been optimized.

How do players view the new league? So far, what Grinding Gear Games has shown from PoE: Ultimatum is very popular. Here, you can read some opinions from the community:
FearlessSpinner jokingly said to the new trailer (via Youtube): I hate how games manipulate me. I was in front of the trailer: I might deliver the next league. Me after the trailer: I can’t wait! Let’s start!
Geosgaeno is particularly satisfied with the revised reward system (via Reddit): This is what I love! Revised!
Malicharo wrote (via Reddit): I think I have never been hyped like the league.
Mr. Niab (via Reddit) explained: So far, this update has left a deep impression on me.
When does the Ultimatum begin? The new PoE 3.14 launch will take place on PC on April 16 and on PS4/PS5 and Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on April 21. Then, we see if the announced innovations and changes are as good as they sound.