Which MMOs and MMORPGs games are worth playing in April 2021?

The new shooting game will be released in April 2021. But some other online games and MMOs are also doing something. PathofExileWIKI has released games and innovative products, and we will recommend these games and innovative products to you in April. What kind of game are they? The selected game is an online game that you can experience with friends or strangers. Each selected title will be updated in April to celebrate its release or provide other special features, so it’s worth playing now. We mixed the selected games, and the order does not reflect any scoring. On the last page, a brief preview of the situation in April is also given. For the first time, this includes games we cannot recommend, but you should pay close attention.

Outriders – Release a new shooting game
Type: Third-person shooter game | Developer: People can fly | Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | Release date: April 1, 2021 | Model: Buy2Play

What kind of game is this? In Outrider, it is a third-person shooter game trophy, and different game styles are mixed. The developers themselves have made the best comparison with Diablo and its RPG elements. Optically, it is reminiscent of science fiction and fantasy.
You can travel alone or hang out with up to three players to explore the game. In the mission, you need to collect equipment, upgrade your character, and become more powerful.
You will experience a story in which the earth is destroyed, and the last remnants of humanity are sheltered on the planet Enno. The player plays the role of an alien and is a member of an elite force that should explore this beautiful planet.
However, abnormal storms are raging on the earth, killing people, or in rare cases, giving them special abilities.
These are the highlights of Outriders.
Outriders describe themselves as the finished game at launch. This way, there will be no more microtransactions, battle passes, or content that will only be patched later. However, if the shooter is well received, it can be expanded in the future.
At the beginning of April 1, you can expect:
Four classes, each providing three sub-classes
30 hours of the main story and at least 30 hours of auxiliary tasks
Make and update for your device
Expeditions in the final game with 15 different levels of difficulty
Plenty of loot and an item with legendary equipment hovering at the top
If needed, you can try Outriders in the demo. The demo will be retained after the game is released, so you don’t need to buy directly to get the impression of a shooter. If you wish, the progress in the demo will be brought into the game.

This is why you should play Outriders in April.
Anyone interested in the new loot shooting game can start using Outriders from April 1. The tournament celebrated its release there. So you can still stay fresh at launch, explore new areas, and loot. Those who have already played the demo can even take over their progress.

Path of Exile – New Season PoE 3.14 Ultimatum April 16th
Type: MMORPG | Developer: GGG | Platform: PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox | Release Date: June 27, 2013 | Model: Pay2Play

What kind of game is this? Path of Exile is one of the most popular MMORPGs on the market. Due to the overhaul of the game, a lot of changes have taken place since 2013. The content has been updated regularly, and Poe 3.14 has been expanded. Now there is a lot of content waiting for players.

MMORPG is reminiscent of the classic RPG due to the great attention to linear stories. In the endgame, you will expect a lot of dungeons, raids, and mini-games. However, to do this, you must adapt to the combat system, which is particularly difficult and slow in the beginning.
The developers also realized that it was a bit slow to start. As a result, the entry was shortened in the summer of 2020, and it was also extended to the Free2Play player.
These are the highlights of Path of Exile.
Path of Exile provides everything that MMORPG desires:
Huge game world
The point of many stories
Act as various jobs of the class. You can learn everything with one character and raise it to the highest level.
Different playable races
Sophisticated production system
Dungeons of different difficulty, challenges in the form of trials and raids
POE is one of the most popular MMORPGs on Steam.

This is why you should play Path of Exile in April.
On April 16, a new patch PoE Ultimatum League will be released. In Path of Exile Ultimatum, you have to test the chaos and choose whether to risk all risks to gain the ultimate power. The Poe April expansion includes the Ultimatum Challenge League, eight new skills and support gems, improvements to Vaal skills, a comprehensive review of the past league reward system, dozens of new items, and more. We also just released a new trailer and gameplay shown for POE 2. In Ultimatum, Path of Exile adds more valuable items to the core drop pool so that you can find them from any content in Path of Exile. POE uses new Poe currency items, secret supplier recipes, a selection of unique characteristics of powerful alliances, and new Atlas basic types to enhance the core drop pool and make Act bosses worth farming again. But this is only the beginning. Almost all other reward systems in Path of Exile have also been improved.
You can look forward to new content:
At Tempt The Trials Of Chaos
Trialmaster Provides You With Rewards And Challenges Through Three Difficulty Adjusters.
Double Or Nothing
Reap Your Reward
Discover The Vaal Relig Uary
Exchange Blood For Power
The first game show of Path of Exile 2 at ExileCon took place in the dark forest on Orgham Island. Our latest exhibition location is in the ancient dunes of the Vasari Desert and uses two new weapons, spears. Cross-to demonstrates the next generation of action combat in Path of Exile 2.

Guild Wars 2 Final Patch in the Legend of Ice and Blood
What kind of game is this? Guild Wars 2 is the MMORPG of American developer ArenaNet. It attaches great importance to regular updates and casual content every 4-8 weeks. The game provides events and world leaders that you must defeat in the game world with dozens of players.

There is also a separate main story, dungeons, raids, and exciting side challenges such as jumping puzzles or map exploration. By conducting PvP and fortress battles in WoW, these groups of players can also be worth the money.

What will happen in April? The current Life World finals will be held at the end of April. The Eisbrut legend has been running since September 2019, and the cohesive story will end this month.

The most exciting thing is that it must somehow transition the story to the upcoming expansion, The End of the Dragon. There should be more updates after the end of the story, but as the Legend of Ice and Blood ends, new information about The End of the Dragon is likely to appear. We will, of course, report information about them on

WOW Classic-TBC Beta
What kind of game is this? The classic version of World of Warcraft was released in 2019 and should bring back the vanilla experience. Simultaneously, almost two years have passed since its release, and the first expansion-Burning Crusade will soon appear.

What will happen in April? The extended Beta version of Beta started at the end of March without any significant announcements. This will gradually provide new content. In the beginning, you can upgrade your character to level 64, so you can only complete the tasks and content in the corresponding area. This may include Hellfire Peninsula, Zangarmarsh, and Terokkar forests.
Anyone who has not signed up for the beta version can sign up now. In a blog post, we revealed how Beta registration works.