New World

New World launched the fourth such special new weapon

Bingo Players was introduced in a short trailer on Twitter. It can be worn commonly and allows you to attack the enemy with freezing attacks.
The exact function of the glove is not explained in the trailer. Gloves can summon icicles that attack the enemy.
If there is another attack, the icicle will pop out and push the opponent back to the original place.
The third ability seems to be a kind of ice and fire that the character can think of in front of him.

What makes this weapon unique? It is worth noting that the gloves broke through the familiar weapon style. Although magic is already in the game, most weapons are more traditional, such as hammers, swords, or bows.
The related skills do not attach great importance to special magic effects but revolve around faster attack or jump in the direction of the opponent. There is no threat of thunderstorms in the new world.
The only exception is the fire stick, which has created a larger fire field. In turn, the Ice Gloves are now a matching counterpart and increase the number of weapons available.

Since testing in the summer of 2020, many new weapons have appeared
What weapons does New World provide? There are seven weapons during the 2020 summer test: hammers, swords, axes, bows, rifles, firefighters, and lifeguards. Since then, four more weapons have been added:
As early as October 2020, the developers announced the spear as a new weapon. This can be used in close combat and can also be thrown
Tomahawk was added in December. It can hit the enemy multiple times or cause a lot of damage to AoE.
Another weapon was introduced in early 2021: the rapier loom. Bleeding injury and escape are the top priority here.
The last new weapon is the ice glove shown here.
In addition to the new weapons, the combat system has also undergone significant revisions. These weapons no longer share charging time, and overall power has been improved.

The new world brings many new features: if you follow the news of the new world, you will have stumbled upon some innovations, including new Asian regions, fishing, or the first dungeon that is about to appear.
Coupled with many adjustments to the combat system, craftsmanship, NPC pursuits, and behaviors, New World sounds interesting on paper, especially for theme park fans. The columnist of we also talked about this development: New World is increasingly becoming a theme park MMORPG, which is a good thing.
We may discover in July 2021 whether the development is excellent and whether New World is convincing.​​​ Then, the beta version should start. The MMO is scheduled to be released at the end of August. MeinMMO will, of course, work closely with New World during and after the release.