Path of Exile

Path of Exile 2 preview: Better boss, new Gem system, Exquisite graphics

When I stopped in an undulating Gothic mini-city, dragged through the desert by a strange pack animal, I immediately felt that the ARPG Path of Exile 2 (4.0) from Grinding Gear Games was exactly what I was looking forward to. The kind of sequel full of ignorance and whimsy. This feeling is derived from its greatly improved picture and the light and shadow effects that perfectly set off the atmosphere in the hot desert and gloomy dungeon. It’s also because this is a terrible, bloody but beautiful, and unique world, and I can’t wait to step into it.

Like the original Path of Exile, at the beginning of the sequel, the player is also a poor, ragged, catastrophic creature who needs to climb up from the bottom of Varkras step by step. Considering that the original plot has become bizarre and we have slaughtered so many gods, such a reset is deliberately pursued by the developers. They want to make Path of Exile 2 more approachable, even new players will not be unable to start because they have missed the content for many years, but the new and old stories will share the final content, and both characters can be used in the last game.

We will not officially play Path of Exile 2 until 2022. During this time, you can look at the live demonstration of POE 2 or continue reading this article to see what is worth looking forward to in this ARPG sequel.

The approachability is not only applicable to the plot. GGG has enhanced the game tutorial this time, which is a good chance for me, a player who spent more than ten hours browsing the Path of Exile wiki and Build (BD) guide when playing the original version.
But the developers did not intend to eliminate the freedom and complexity that Path of Exile fans loves. During the interview, I put forward my own opinion: The skill tree in the original work is so complicated enough to stun people. I will likely go into a misunderstanding and create a garbage Build.
In this regard, GGG’s Chris Wilson replied: From a design philosophy point of view, this problem is also complicated for us because we believe that not doing too much hands-on teaching has its advantages.

However, he is also open to the practice of restricting the choices of new players in the early stage, which allows players to make more practical choices in the early stage and unlock the entire skill tree after reaching a certain level to release more potential. This is also in line with their tutorial design concept: only help when you need it. If the player is suffering or can’t figure out a core mechanism, the tutorial pop-up window will appear. But old players who are already familiar with this will not be disturbed by these pop-ups.

In Path of Exile 2’s character Build construction, the most significant change is the gem slot system independent of equipment (many fundamental system changes will also be updated to the original version). In the original version, nothing is more annoying than getting a brand new and powerful armor but not using it. Sometimes you have to go back to town and wash all the gem tanks to the same level as the current equipment. Otherwise, your entire build will collapse. Drop. Developers see the changes in the new version as a win-win: they make Path of Exile in the eyes of new players more intuitive, without losing the complexity that old players desire.

Boss and Little Boss also prepared some new surprises to test us. After nearly ten years of update, I am curious how GGG will create seven new chapters and avoid making old players feel like they play the same old tune. They tried many ideas for this, one of which is to let the boss interact with the environment more interestingly. The example we have seen is a small Boss, it will destroy the cave so that falling rocks fall from the top of the head, and the collapsed cave roof will also allow external light to penetrate, so standing in a bright place can prevent another attack.

Path of Exile 2’s new weapons looks equally interesting, providing room for new play styles. We saw actual demonstrations of war spears and war crossbows, and the skills of war spears seemed to suit my appetite. Equipped with a war spear can gain a fighting skill that allows you to rush into the enemy group and increase your damage in a short period after attacking. When the buff expires, you can use guerrilla skills to stay away from danger and restore life. In this way, players can freely grasp the rhythm of entry and exit, which is much more interesting than the mainstream traditional grass-cutting melee build in ARPG.

The characteristic of the crossbow is that each crossbow has its different attack skills. We saw a siege crossbow in the demo, which allows you to turn into a cannon, throw arrows into the air, and watch them pouring down. If there is an annoying summoner or nurse hiding behind