Path of Exile

Path of Exile Mobile and Diablo 4, which one is better?

There are many good Free2Play MMOs, but which one is the best? We compare Path of Exile Mobile and Diablo 4 and hopes to learn which games are most popular with you. Those who want to try complex and high-quality MMOs for free now have many options. You can play many games online without having to pay a dime. But MMOs will spend a lot of time, and you rarely have enough capacity to accommodate a small number of such online games. So which is the best Path of Exile Mobile and Diablo 4? Which ones are worth spending a lot of time on?

Path of Exile 3.14 New Expansion Ultimatum Take Place on PC on April 16

Path of Exile Mobile
Platform: Android, iOS | Release: Expected in 2021 | Payment method: Free2play

What is the Path of exile with mobile phones? This is the mobile branch of Path of Exile. Hack’n Slay is not a simple transplant of the game but tells its own story. Games and controls are suitable for smartphones.
You are overwhelmed by monsters in the game world and meet other players to fight.
Path of Exile does not intend to provide any Pay2Win elements
It should be an exciting mobile game
It could have provided the classic Hack and Slay experience, but it is as deep as Path of Exile.
Who is the target audience of Path of Exile? This game is suitable for everyone who wants to play mobile games designed for non-casual players.
How good is the path of the exile movement? Developers attach great importance to not developing typical mobile games but can be played on PCs or game consoles. The team spent the necessary time for this. This may make Path of Exile an exciting hack and kill-even for anyone who does not play mobile games.
Trade exchange and transfer of items
The market system requires level 40 to open. The interface of the market system is similar to the NPC shop. The market does not provide precise attribute retrieval functions, but players can sort and filter, and query equipment according to conditions. The equipment on the shop interface is also from different players’ products. Players who are not satisfied with the search results can click on the next page to continue browsing. In the keyword filter window under the market, you can enter conditional keywords such as attributes, item names, seller descriptions or quotations, and item levels to highlight and filter eligible Poe Currency.

Diablo 4
Platform: Android, iOS | Release: Expected in 2021 | Payment method: Buy2play

When will it be released? The release date of Diablo 4 has not yet been announced. However, what we do determine is that Diablo 4 will not be released in 2021. Blizzard announced this.
What courses are available in this release? After announcing the release of Diablo 4, you should be able to play five lessons immediately. So far, druids, barbarians, and witches have been introduced. The huntress is new.
We already know about the druid, barbarian, and witch attacks in Diablo 4.
How does the project work? The focus of Diablo has always been the cultivation of particular items. The legendary equipment has been changed in Diablo IV.
These will no longer have static affixes but random affixes. The unique item unique is also returning. They have four legendary affixes and are the most powerful and rarest items in Diablo 4. Learn how Diablo 4 changes legendary items here.
This is what build brings: the project should support your play style, but it cannot be defined. When constructing, players should have a lot of freedom. The skill system in Diablo 4 should allow for complex construction. For this, the skill tree is back, where you can allocate points. You can actively use the skill or place it in the enchantment slot to use it in different ways.

Trade exchange and transfer of Items
Diablo 4 will still have a trading system. Blizzard did not mention the auction house, but it is expected that players will mainly trade around consumables and handmade materials. In this regard, there will be a dedicated social function to help players connect with others for buying and selling.
The developers have no intention to reintroduce Diablo 2’s free item system because it involves too many issues. In Diablo 2 and playing games, it can also simply receive items from friends and even buy them for real money through external sites, which is not very fun, balanced, or desirable. The system used is very similar to the one currently used in Diablo 3. There is no auction house (of), but it can be exchanged to a certain extent. All objects between one of the following three categories:
Freely tradable: This category mainly includes process components and consumables.
One-time exchange: Only exchange once. For example, if you decide to gift one of the old items to a friend who started the game or find a better version. After receiving it, he will not be able to provide it to anyone else.
Non-exchangeable: The most powerful items cannot be exchanged. There is no doubt that this will include legendary items and more.
Each player can see his loot, and only he can pick it up, but if he then puts the item on the ground, the other group members can also see the item. The developer did not specify whether the group exchange system is similar to Diablo 3, that is, whether you can freely exchange almost any item within a few hours with other players present. But this seems to be an excellent compromise to encourage group competitions and promote cooperation.