New World

New World defends the sale of Pay2Win Items

Amazon’s new MMO New World (PC) is on defense, and information about the cash store has been leaked. Someone is talking about boosters that can be purchased. For many MMORPG players, such items cannot be carried in full-price games. Although the team proved their reasons, the criticism came from Asmongold, the most significant World of Warcraft streaming media on Twitch. He found that New World’s arguments were hypocritical. What disturbs the people of the new world? In fact, at present, we only know what Amazon tells us about the new world: the game runs in Alpha, but it is still under NDA. All the information sent is actually under the control of the developer.

Many people consider these items to be Pay2Win items because they have a clear advantage in the game: people with the same level of boosters get ahead faster than people who don’t buy boosters. Many in the MMO community believe that New World as a full-price title should not provide such items.

This is what Amazon said: In its statement on May 15th by the New World team (trying to eliminate conflicts via Twitter):
They only want to bring items with a high value into the store, so much so that players want to buy them.
You never want to bring into the store items that players think must be purchased to enjoy New World
Everyone can fully enjoy the fun of the new world without buying anything
Anyway, everything is still in the balance, you may also want to bring in the remaining EXP or fast travel and then offer it in the store or in a way that can be solved in the game

Amazon issued some statements on Twitter that further proved the rationality of the booster:
MMO requires a lot of time investment, and this is not something everyone can afford. Boost can be away for those who don’t have enough time and want to spare more time. You can play the game and support the community in other ways.
It’s not about getting players to participate in the final game. It’s about supporting people who don’t have much time to play the game and helping them get into the endgame even if they have little time.

Will the booster acronym belittle the time of the right participant?
This is behind it: this is a very typical MMORPG discussion about cash shops. New World offers are so-called Pay2Progress or convenience items: they make life easier, but they are unnecessary.

Although such items are still accepted in Free2Play games, they will cause discussion of full-price games. Because when others reach the same level in half the time, it degrades the time investment of the normal players simply because they subsequently leave a few dollars in the store.