World of Warcraft

What Need to Changes in WOW Classic TBC?

As I mentioned before, I think WOW Burning Crusade must be good, not necessarily the original version. Therefore, I hope to see some other changes that have been proven to be good in World of Warcraft.

A better auction house
How is it now?
Classic auction houses are almost the same as in the past: confusing and difficult to classify. Without the additional products of the auction house, you will hardly find anything neat, and of course, there is no filtering of prices.

This is undoubtedly useful for sellers because they can use the insufficiency of the overview to sell lower-value products at higher prices. After all, consumers don’t want to browse a single stack of 20 pages, but they save five silver in the end.
This should be like this: As a person who buys and sells too much, I will welcome auction houses like the current World of Warcraft. Items are always displayed here as the total number of stacks available.
Show the buyer what quantity is available at what price. There is no longer any reason to flood the auction house with small chips. And the price is more precise.
Since I want to improve my professional level quickly, it would be beneficial to buy a large amount of ore immediately without paying too much gold (due to lack of add-ons or knowledge) necessary for gold.

Cross-domain group (no LFG)
How is it now? Like the classic version of World of Warcraft, the team in the Burning Crusade will be limited to their domain. Therefore, if you play on Everlook and your friends play on Razorfen, you cannot play together.
Through pre-patching, some servers have been merged. Even pay server transfers are possible. However, it is currently impossible to play in the free world with players from other fields.

It should be like this: no matter what the server is, players should at least be able to play with their friends at any time. A bug allows the Cross Realm group and the dungeon to be used, but the player has not yet seen each other in the open world.
After the servers are merged, it will be logical to migrate to the Crossrealm group to encourage more social interaction. Goods and trade should continue to be confined to domains so as not to disrupt the economy.
I understand that players want to retain their server identity, even if I agree not to confuse too much. However, it is difficult to perform a server jump, that is, to switch fields frantically if there is no group browser.
If there is no LFG tool, but with the Crossrealm group, players will be easier to play with friends, and at the same time, it will hardly affect their feeling as a cohesive server.

Dual talent specialization
How about now The burning expeditionary army still has a large number of talents to be allocated. However, if you want to change or reset this feature, you need to pay for it the frequency of changes is increasing.
Unlike retail World of Warcraft, you can’t change your profession and talents to play different content or play a role at will. You must first become a teacher and do everything over again, even if you switch back.

This should be like this: In Wrath of the Lich King, it is possible to create two sets of talents and switch between them. This can be:

Use DPS and healer or tank specialization
The backhand talents of certain bosses or mechanics
Possess both PvE and PvP expertise without reallocation
The dual specs also go hand-in-hand with their action bars, which makes switching easier. This feature is handy for mixed classes such as paladins, warriors, and shamans, but it is also beneficial for players who want to make PvE and PvP content.
Of course, these two majors still have to collect equipment, as it should be. However, even players who do not use this feature will benefit from it. Because of this, they can find them faster if they don’t have to kill expensive tanks and healers.