Two Great games leaked to join PS PLUS in June 2021

The leak may bring three free games to the PS Plus service subscribers in June 2021, including two perfect games. The third title has not yet been released, but it should appear when the PS Plus launches in June 2021. Similarly, there are games for PS4 and PlayStation 5.

What did the leak say? According to Leak, you will get three games for PS4 and PS5 through PS Plus in June 2021. The three games should have the following titles:

Star Wars: Squadron (PS4)
Action: Tango
Virtua Fighter 5 / Ultimate Showdown (PS4)

Sony has not officially confirmed these games.
Where did the leak come from? The Spanish-speaking site Areajugones explained a leak on PS Plus (via The website says: Again, you can access this information earlier.
The leak itself is not shown or named in more detail. It didn’t seem to be trustworthy at first. One of the games mentioned above will be released when PS Plus is launched in June, which shows that there are loopholes.

According to leaks, Star Wars games and fighting games will be accessible in June.
What kind of games are these? In Star Wars: Squadron, you will get a fast-paced, action-packed fighting title, in which you can blow up hostile spaceships. You can choose to fight on the Alliance or Galactic Empire side. The commercial media gave positive reviews of the Star Wars game.
If the free PS Plus game in June 2021 includes the game name, Virtua Fighter 5 / Ultimate Showdown will enable you to use fighting games. The game has not been officially released, and there is no trailer.
Its predecessor is Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. Its history can be traced back to 2012. It is considered a very outstanding fighting game title. In the GamePro, colleagues with a score of 86% received a high rating. It is said that Virtua Fighter 5 / Ultimate Showdown is a new Virtua Fighter title, which should be based on its predecessor.

The third title is Operation: Tango and has not yet been officially released. This is cooperative espionage, and you and your friends must solve various tasks on a global scale. The release date is June 1, 2021. Like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the game can also be officially released on PS Plus.
You can use the backward compatibility feature to play PS4 games on PS5 easily. In principle, you cannot play PS-Plus games for PS5 on PlayStation 4.
PS5 owners and PS Plus subscribers can already use the PlayStation Plus collection, access 20 top games every month, and play these games on their PS5 at any time.

The June PS Plus game will be officially announced on May 26
When will the game be formally announced? PS Plus games for June 2021 will be formally announced on May 26, 2021. You can download the game from June 1st.
You can still play free games from PS Plus in May. It also includes Battlefield V. This is a decisive shooting game, and if you have not done so, you should give it a try.