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The Lich King is the Best Ultimate WOW Boss

The best final boss for World of Warcraft has been determined. You voted, and the result is obvious. Find out the best fight ever here. A few days ago, PathofexileWiki wanted to know from you which boss in World of Warcraft is the best final boss ever. The fuse of this discussion was severe criticism of the current absolute leader, N’Zoth, who almost did not live up to his role as the overwhelming old god. This battle was boringly staged in normal and heroic modes and was regarded as a shame by many fans and dumbfounded.

First place: Lich King
Expansion Pack: Wrath of the Lich King | Raid: Icecrown Citadel

Well, honestly, the first place shouldn’t come as a surprise. But surprisingly, the results are so precise. Up to 42% of the votes went to the most famous death knight, leader of the Scourge, and fallen Prince Arthas Menethil of Lordaeron. Or, in short: the Lich King. He is also one of the best MMORPG villains of all time.
The Lich King is the boss of the entire expansion and a role that players have pursued for more than ten years. After all, he is one of the protagonists of Warcraft III and the expansion pack “The Frozen Throne.” For many players, the Lich King may be the character that has long linked them to Warcraft.
But apart from this long history, there are many highlights in the battle with the Lich King. It has gone through several stages, in which many mechanisms must be observed. In addition to the deadly Val’kyr that will allow players to leave the platform, you must also avoid corrupted areas, kill many mobs, and eliminate diseases.
It all ended in a beautiful ending. The Lich King killed all players and revealed his plan-let us be servants of his evil. Even if this effect is no longer so impressive today (the highest level players no longer die), it is still remarkable. This is a battle where all players are dead and then resurrected by Arthas’s father to judge his son finally.
In addition, the Lich King is the first battle with actual cutscenes and a big story turn. After Arthas died, he needed a new Lich King, so Bolvar was crowned—he now plays a more critical role again.
In addition, the entire expansion is aimed explicitly at the Lich King. This raid also comes with three small dungeons, revealing more stories about Arthas and Frostmourne.
All of this made the Lich King the best final boss ever in World of Warcraft and made him a well-deserved first place.

Second place: Illidan
Expansion piece: The Burning Crusade | Raid: The Black Temple

The second place is the incarnation of a certain demon hunter and you are not ready emoji: Illidan Sturmgreen at the end of the Dark Temple.
Although the Sunwell was released after Illidan, the battle with the demon hunter is considered a highlight of the expansion. Illidan is not only a popular character in Warcraft 3. His battle also has many different stages, which may last more than 20 minutes. This is a test of patience for many players.
As the final leader of a large-scale raid on the roof of the Dark Temple, Illidan is an awe-inspiring scene. Together with Akama, they fought the demon hunter, the power of the Skull of Guldan, and the flames of Azzinoth. Illidan’s health is deficient, but he can always heal players-the more players he hits, the higher the healing effect.
There are other exciting mechanisms. For example, Illidan must be temporarily refueled by a warlock.
By the standards of the time, the battle with Illidan was one of the most complicated. Every player must remain vigilant. A mistake may mean complete obliteration. Who doesn’t panic remember the mobs that were hit by infected players and spawned new groups? It can quickly lead to a chain reaction of chaos.
Therefore, it is not surprising that Illidan, who is popular in Legion, is quasi-resurrected again, and his story ends here.

Third place: Ragnaros
Expansion: Classic | Assault: Molten Heart

Ranked third with 5% of the vote, the Fire King landed with its original version, the molten core. He is the ultimate leader of the first raid released by Blizzard, and therefore the first real big goal that many players must work together for 40 players.
For weeks and months, the guild tried to find the Lord of Fire. After all, the exciting loot attracts visitors in the form of the items in the T2 suit and the legendary items needed to make “Safras, the Hand of Ragnaros.”
But the spoils are far from everything. The battle itself was at the center of the core, which was huge by the standards of the time. Ragnaros is a huge elemental lord. In contrast, the players are small people. This battle-like many battles in the classics of the time-had only a few stages and mechanics. But the joy of killing your guild for the first time in the first natural World of Warcraft raid may help Ragnaros secure a solid third place.

Fourth place: Yogg-Saron
Expansion piece: Wrath of the Lich King | Assault: Ulduar

Also leading with 4% of the votes, but with the actual lead of single-vote votes, Yogg-Saron secured the position in front of Deathwing.
Yogg-Saron, like C’Thun, is an ancient god, so it is one of the greatest threats in Azeroth’s history. Like all old gods, Yogg-Saron widely used Lovecraft mythology and drew the best elements from it. The creepy madness, the weird fantasy, and of course, many tentacles.
Crazy must be prevented anyway because the mental health of all players in the raid is constantly deteriorating. Those who were not paying attention quickly lost control and became Yogg-Saron’s servants.
This battle is full of situations where players are divided into different groups. Some players have to enter the illusion and destroy the brains of the old gods there so that all players can cause real damage in the future.
The remarkable thing about Yogg-Saron is that players can choose the difficulty by themselves. Depending on the number of support NPCs they seek help, the battle becomes more challenging, and the loot becomes better. If you want the best booty, this ensures that the already complex boss battle is more demanding on the predators.

Fifth place: Todesschwinge
Expansion piece: Cataclysm | Raid: Dragon Soul

The fact that Todesschwinge ranked fifth with 4% of the vote may be a bit surprising. After all, many players were disappointed in boss battles at the time because they only fought big claws and tentacles, not adult dragons.
Although disappointing, this battle is visually one of the most impressive battles World of Warcraft offers. A dragon stretches out from the vortex and fights for its own life, while all other aspects support the player. Lightning flashed in the background, and the roaring sea threatened to swallow everyone.
The battle itself is relatively intense and requires a good response, as the player must jump from one platform to another to support the allied dragon and fight various tentacles and claws.
The immediate after is also important because the movie shows two crucial details that still have a significant impact: the dragon will lose the power conferred by the Titans. The orc Thrall will become the father.