The Hope of MMORPG Blue Protocol showcases gameplay in beta and new courses

Because of the animated graphics, MMORPG initially remembered Genshin Impact. However, Blue Protocol is an official MMORPG with a focus on PvE. At least at the time of launch, Blue Protocol should not provide classic PvP. Blue Protocol attaches great importance to telling a story, and in the process, you will meet NPCs who help you save the world because you are a time traveler who travels to the past 1000 years to prevent disasters.

What’s new? The developers of Bandai Namco demonstrated the unique gameplay in the live broadcast, and you can see some battle scenes in it. A new class has also been introduced.

The game features combat and a new category, and its weapons are reminiscent of Monster Hunter.

What kind of class is that? Translated, this class is called heavy shredder. She uses a hammer to fight, and the hammer can also be used as a gun.

In the gameplay, you can see how the game character knocks down enemies and shoots them with energy. This is somewhat reminiscent of Monster Hunter’s rifle spear, a mixture of a physical melee weapon and some gun.

In the gameplay, you can see that this class can charge, use the Wanderer to cause damage, and launch a powerful jumping attack.

What’s new?

The developers also talked about how they will respond to feedback from beta testers. They have announced some changes:

Riding on the mount no longer consumes energy (previously, players would be thrown from the horse when their power was exhausted)

Materials can finally be stacked now.

There is a new wish list function to make items and materials they need

Single-player players should be able to use their companions in the future to help them throw extraordinary objects at their opponents and distract them

Players will soon be able to play rock-paper-scissors and even hold hands

Blue Protocol is considered the hope of MMORPG.

Why is Blue Protocol so important? 

For some MMORPG fans, Blue Protool is great hope for 2021. The game focuses on tasks and stories. The enthusiasm for closed testing has shown that this is attractive to many people. In any case, the interest in Blue Protocol is very high.

Who does Blue Protocol apply to? Online RPG is for everyone who likes Genshin Impact but prefers to experience the game as an MMORPG. Blue Protocol provides team games, raids, dungeons, missions, and action-packed battles in a beautiful anime world. If this is useful to you, then you should pay attention to the title.

This is what Blue Protocol is all about:

MMORPG tells its story through many tasks and interesting NPCs you will encounter. The frame story makes you a time traveler about 1,000 years ago to prevent disasters.

In addition to the story, you can also fight opponents of bosses in the dungeon or participate in raids. This is how you get valuable raw materials. It would help if you had it to improve your equipment and make new equipment.

Do you have PVP? No, there is no PvP. You can only compete with other players indirectly in the challenge. There is no battle with other players.

When will Blue Protocol appear? MMORPG is currently in the testing phase in Japan. It is scheduled to be released in Japan in 2021, and the specific date has not yet been determined.