Which are the most worth playing cyberpunk games in 2021?

Cyberpunk (not steampunk, you have come to the right place for this article) is a particularly exciting subcategory of the science fiction genre. What awaits us here is not the Death Star and the lightsaber, but the technologies and issues that we may already know or at least can guess-because they are now under development.

Cyberpunk is mainly based on William Gibson’s novel Neuro Wanderer-and shaped by films such as Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, The Matrix, or Total Recall-showing us a not-too-distant future. Unfortunately, this is usually not entirely optimistic, which is why cyberpunk is also considered a film noir in science fiction. You can read more about the charm of the GameStar Plus game genre in the detailed report:

The world is ruled by companies, and implants make people become more and more robots, connected via high-tech networks or floating into cyberspace as virtual reality. Hackers sniff around in our minds, ordinary people use drugs to appease, we as gamers usually have to do something about this and uncover a huge conspiracy.

There are games like Syndicate, Beneath a Steel Sky or the first Deus Ex. For a long time, there have been games that have brought us into an atmospheric cyberpunk world. However, in our article, we want to focus on newer genre representatives and insider tips (starting in 2015). If you like these classics, you should definitely play these games.

Necromunda: Hired Gun

Type: Shooter | Developer: Streum On Studio | Release: July 1, 2021

How does it work? Necromunda: Hired Gun is the name of the new game in the Warhammer 40K universe. It allows you to become an agile male or female bounty hunter on the planet Necromunda of the same name. There, you can use brute force to confuse with local gangs and use your gun arsenal or cybernetic implants-for example, you can use them to slow down time or launch pressure waves. You can also pimp your loyal dog buddy with the implant.

Who is it for? To like Necromunda, you must do two things well: a coherent realization of the Warhammer 40K world and fast gameplay. Necromunda allows you to run walls, use your grappling hook and usually depends on agility. However, you should not expect too much depth from the campaign story. Most importantly, Necromunda is still struggling with many technical problems, but the first patch aims to solve most of them.

How many cyberpunks are there? Visually, Necromunda sometimes matches Bopunk more reminiscent of Crazy Max. Cyberpunk improvements in humans and dogs provide a certain cyberpunk flavor.


Type: Adventure | Developer: Digital Story Interactive | Release: May 20, 2021

How does it work? In Lacuna, you are directly involved in a very dramatic conspiracy: a murder, a major hacking attack, and a bomb attack. Please come to the CDI agent Neil Conrad to investigate. He is investigating dystopia. Of the future, questioning witnesses and collecting clues-and repeatedly making serious decisions to face. Lacuna is a 2D side roller with detailed pixel appearance, not only in English, but also in complete German voice output.

Who is it for? Lacuna is a classic game in the rainy afternoon. If you like black types and detective stories, you can absorb Lacuna like reading a good book and enjoy the atmosphere of its success. Decisions play a real role here-because you cannot save them manually, each step leads to one of several distinct endings.

How many cyberpunks are there? A detective in a trench coat, smoking a cigarette contemplatively, while watching the houses and ocean in the rain from the balcony, the rain hits the windows-are there more cyberpunks? Lacuna raised major issues about self-determination and the impact of our decisions on our pessimistic vision for the future.

By the way, the adventure can also be tried through the free prologue on Steam. It also enjoys very positive user reviews there.

Cyberpunk 2077

Genre: Role Playing | Developer: CD Projekt Red | Release: December 2020

How does it work? Cyberpunk 2077 may be familiar to everyone now, but to be safe: in the open world role-playing game of the wizard developer, you make the dystopian metropolis night city insecure. You struggle as a mercenary in a dark job, confuse with gangs and companies, and try to unravel the secret of a mysterious chip that promises immortality, but in your case, includes rock boy legend Johnny Silverhand Very unfriendly spirit. He still has a bill pending.

Suitable for If you like The Witcher 3 or Out of the Encirclement, Cyberpunk 2077 is for you. In the long task chain, romantic stories and touching dialogues, you can expect many exciting characters. In addition, you can also improve your figure through equipment, skill points, network software, etc., to create a perfect stealth melee ninja, including katana, silent and deadly hackers or cruel fighters. Depending on the game style, you can handle tasks in countless ways, and Deus-Ex fans should be very familiar with these ways.

How many cyberpunks are there? The night city is oozing a dark cyberpunk future. The satirical advertisement mocks a world that is slowly disappearing, where the police and companies cruelly control people if they have not been knocked down by a gang on the street. Network software, memories that can be played through brain dance or immortal chips are also very suitable for pictures. Even if the open world is by no means the most interactive, it always provides a dense atmosphere-at least if no errors get in the way. CD Projekt is still working to eliminate them.


Type: Action | Developer: Next Level | Release: October 2020

How does it work? Ghostrunner provides fast katana combat in the dark cyberpunk world from a first-person perspective. When you struggle to climb the tower, you are always moving, sprinting, felling, felling or counterattack, dancing with a deadly blade. At the top, you will face the autocratic Key Master who will conquer the people of the future.

Who is it for? Anyone who wants tactical balance and long-term planning, or who just wanders a little bit in the dark metropolis of the future, is not suitable here. Ghostrunner represents a one-hit kill and a battle full of smooth, energetic and brisk action. Whoever stops, who loses. Frequent checkpoints should prevent frustration and help you master different blade techniques.

How many cyberpunks are there? The gloomy Tower City is not only characterized by violence and despair, but also by futuristic technology and colorful neon lights. Even if the middle is grayed out a bit, the chic graphics allow you to perform deadly combat moves at lightning speed, allowing the fierce cyberpunk world to fly through.


Type: Point and Click Adventure | Developer: Chaosmonger Studio | Release: January 2021

How does it work? Encodya even played in Germany, or more precisely in New Berlin in 2062. The 9-year-old orphan Tina lives there with her clumsy but cute robot companion, SAM-53, and tries to survive with him in the gloomy corporate-dominated city. You loot trash cans, collect waste materials and dream of a better life. However, one day, the girl discovers that her father has given her an important job, and the fate of the world is suddenly in the hands of Tina and Sam.

Suitable for You can use two playable characters to explore the 2.5D world, interact with more than 30 secondary characters, and visit more than 100 locations in a classic adventure style. There are a lot of reading, clicking, and puzzles to solve. Through randomly generated elements, they should provide a new game experience in each round. If you like to be convoluted and lost in the story instead of insisting on taking action, then you have come to the right place.

How many cyberpunks are there? Through the SAM and other robots the two encountered, the issues of artificial intelligence and the meaning of life form a large part of the story. Of course, the two of them often face the power and ruthlessness of the company during their journey. Visually, Encodya relies on the dark alleys and neon lights in comic 3D style.

Beyond the steel sky

Type: Point and Click Adventure | Developer: Revolution Software | Release: July 2020

How does it work? Every cyberpunk fan in the gaming world may have heard of Beneath the Steel Sky. The 1994 adventure is one of the best representatives of this genre, but it did not appear in our list because we are limited to games after 2015. That’s why we recommend the sequel Beyond a Steel Sky, this is a Celshading 3D optical adventure, where you play the role of Robert Foster, a technically proficient, and direct successor.

Whose child was kidnapped, that’s why he now vowed to retaliate and trace it back to Union City. This giant city hides chaos, wars, and political conspiracies under an obvious utopia, where people live happily under the surveillance of artificial intelligence. It sounds very dark and desperate, but the humorous passages relax the action again and again.

Who is it for? As Robert Foster, you influence the world by interacting with residents and influencing them or using hacking tools to cleverly deceive you to reach your destination. There are always several ways to solve the problem. So you should be willing to solve puzzles, try, and explore carefully. Due to the pandemic, there is currently no German setting.

How many cyberpunks are there? The future of Beyond a Steel Sky is completely designed and controlled by AI. Even though the brown appearance looks more like a post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk themes such as artificial intelligence, unstoppable progress, social control, comprehensive surveillance or hacking also play a decisive role.


Genre: Action RPG | Developer: Ape Tribe Game | Release: January 2021

How does it work? Disjunction is an action role-playing game that focuses on sneaking and takes you to the dark underworld of New York in 2048. The stories of your three heroes are intertwined. Together they determine the fate of the metropolis, their decisions and special skills, as well as the cybernetic upgrades used in real-time battles.

Suitable for Stealth is not necessary, so if you think it is appropriate, you can fight in your own way. In addition, you can skillfully use and combine character talents and network software upgrades. Freedom is also the top priority in history: your decisions should have real consequences. If this is the appeal of games like Deus Ex to you, Disjunction may convince you.

How many cyberpunks are there? From a visual point of view, in Disjunction, you often walk around in underground tunnels, which look less imposing than the usual skyscrapers with neon lights. If you like the retro look, the pixel look is still charming. Of course, scenes with artificial improvements and problems still scream cyberpunk.

Rain of Reflections

Genre: Round Tactics | Developer: Lion Bite Game | Release: October 2019

How does it work? Rain of Reflections is a cyberpunk adventure game that includes turn-based tactical battles under the XCOM brand. In addition to fighting, the focus is mainly on the interaction and character development of individual characters. We are also allowed to make decisions that affect the course of action.

Dialogue is also particularly important because we are free to choose how to proceed. There are also different areas to explore—everything is there, from dilapidated slums to luxurious refuges for the rich and famous. In the old cyberpunk way, hackers certainly shouldn’t miss it: in the context of the puzzle, you open the lock, listen to the radio frequency and so on.

Suitable for In all-weather combat, you can choose whether to get up, try to negotiate, or shoot deadly. Otherwise, the focus is obviously on the story and the characters, and our decisions, rather than tough actions. Currently only the first chapter of the plot is available, and it is almost lost on Steam. However, in the previous comments, the start was very positive.

How many cyberpunks are there? Set Free focuses on Wilona, a scientist looking for a solution to the sudden infertility of the world’s population. However, as time went on, she had a stomachache during the experiment on the last naturally born child and helped him escape. However, doing so will attract the attention of dangerous opponents.

So there is a serious story behind this incident. The appearance without the pink neon lights and other things looks more futuristic and industrial, but it is appropriately gloomy.

The story of the neon sea

Genre: Adventure | Developer: Palm Pioneer | Release: April 2019

How does it work? Cyberpunk meets cats: The story of Neon Sea takes place in a Chinese city in the near future. Cats, as gang bosses, firmly control the underworld. In addition, humans and robots try to live together, which can cause some conflicts.

We play as a former policeman and now live as a private detective. He was an alcoholic and lived this life every day, until a missing person brought him back to an ancient, unresolved case.

Who is it for? Especially fans of puzzle games and classic point-and-click adventures will be happy here: you have to research, solve puzzles or analyze objects. In addition, you can even play as a cat and go to places you can’t reach.

How many cyberpunks are there? Despite the dark black story, the story of Neon Sea also relies on a lot of humor. The retro pixel look is based on old-fashioned adventures and is appealing with bright colors and playful details-here you can experience the cheerful, quirky side of cyberpunk.

Whispers of a Machine

Genre: Adventure | Developer: Clifftop Games, Faravid Interactive | Release: April 2019

How does it work? In Whispers of a Machine, we accompany Vera, a cybernetic enhancement agent who is investigating a series of murders. These murders seem to be related to a group of fanatics who want to create super artificial intelligence. Something strictly forbidden in the world of Whispers of a Machine. However, Vera’s painful past also made her doubt everything.

Vera is also strengthened by the nano-material blue, which gives her special powers. As players, we can use their enhancements to advance our investigations, collect information, or solve puzzles in a variety of ways.

In addition, we decide whether we want to be an empathetic, analytical or deterministic Vera. All our decisions should ultimately affect the destiny of all mankind.

Who is it for? For fans of story games and classic adventure games. You should not encounter problems with a lot of text and a few games.

How many cyberpunks are there? Enhancement, super artificial intelligence, conspiracy: Whispers of a Machine wins in the classic cyberpunk bingo game, so it should provide everything fans of the genre want at the story level.