COD COLD WAR & WARZONE presents the season 4 trailer, which includes hijacking and satellites on VERDANSK

Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 4 will begin on June 17, and the first trailer is now live. The trailer shows images of the new Cold War multiplayer map and points out the relevant map changes in the theater. You can find more information about the big summer game festival here, which contains more than 30 announcements about the game. We will provide you with CoD trailers:

What can you see in the trailer?

The game trailer shows information about the warzone, multiplayer game and zombie mode in one minute. You can see 3 new Cold War maps, a nail gun as a weapon, motorcycles and new locations in Warzone. There is also a hint of a new map with a zombie mode outbreak, and maybe even a preview of the next large survival map. In addition to the trailer, Liu briefly talked about the hijacked Gulag.

Cold War Multiplayer Map

Collateral-6vs6 / 12vs12: Large desert map, obviously with buildings

Amsterdam-2vs2: Small City Map

Hijack-6vs6: The classic mega yacht in Black Ops 2

Content Zombie Mode

Refer to the map with the zoo outbreak

Zombies in subway tunnels could be a trailer for the Berlin map

Content Warzone

The satellite crash changed the map

Motorcycle as a new car

Possibly, the map-style new Gulag was hijacked

The trailer also continues the story of Call of Duty. At the beginning of season 4, an unknown new operator wearing a red mask may be a poster kid. The villain forced a man to drop US satellites over Verdansk. The significance of this is unclear. But it changed the map, and the trailer showed two locations drawn by satellite impacts.

When will all this come?

It is not yet certain whether all the contents of the trailer will appear directly at the beginning of the season. This may only be clarified when the roadmap for the new season is live. Season 4 will begin on Thursday, June 17.

The short trailer has shown a lot and has left a good impression on Season 4. With the advent of Season 3, Call of Duty has achieved success especially in Battle Royale, and it will be exciting to see if developers want to keep up with the pace.