Season 24 of Diablo 3 Brings 21 potent new Weapons

The 2.7.1 patch for Diablo 3 will be on the test server soon. This is the update you will play in Season 24. It brought back ethereal weapons from Diablo 2. We will show you what it is and how strong it is in the patch notes. The patch notes for patch 2.7.1 are now posted on the Diablo 3 blog. This is an update for Season 24, and there is no start date at this time. The theme of this season is to persuade with ethereal weapons. Veterans of Diablo have learned about these items from Diablo 2. We’ve shown you all the changes from season 24 in the overview here, which will be trialed on the test server soon.

The ethereal weapon in Diablo 3-how does it work?

The developer said: In a blog post, the team wrote that they wanted to use Ethereal weapons to commemorate Diablo 2’s legacy. In the season, Ethereal (Void Spirit weapon) is a rare and powerful weapon.

Season theme:

Season 24 introduced ethereal weapons, a new weapon that players can obtain during the upcoming season journey. Ghostly Weapons will get a robust set of affixes, a legendary class weapon power, and a random class passive ability. In addition, ethereal will have the unique icons, names, item types, and sounds found initially in Diablo II.

You still need to understand Ethereal weapons:

Ethereals are associated with your account

They only fall from monsters, boxes, and destructible objects

You don’t have to reach level 70 to get them

The rarity of virtual spirits lies between ancient items and ancient items

Each class has 3 Ethereals-each Ethereal weapons has a fixed affix and will receive random legendary weapon rewards and random passive abilities of the class

Void spirits are limited and can only be equipped with one

Ethereal weapons ignore durability loss

When you equip them in Kanai’s Cube, the legendary power and passive skills rolling on the weapon will not stack with the same power and abilities, other items, or skills.

Aether weapons cannot be enchanted, transmog, dyed, forged, or traded

You can upgrade them with gems in Kanai’s Cube, as you know in ancient objects

If you collect all 21 Ethereals in Season 24, you will be rewarded with Feat of Strength, Memory of Ethereals. This will provide you with Ethereals as a transmog option inside and outside of the coming seasons

Ethereal weapons are only dropped in seasonal games and cannot be equipped on non-season characters

These weapons may become very powerful in Season 24. With legendary power and passive ability, you can cultivate compelling characters through luck.

Season 24 changes to monks, wizards, and necromancers

What else has changed? Diablo needs two classes to make changes. The wizard only got some changes, and more happened to the monks.

Wizard: The number of active mirrors is now displayed on the screen.

Monk: The mysterious ally (fire ally) is split into two allies instead of 5 allies. But now, all fire allies can share it. As a result, the damage radius has been slightly increased, and the damage has been increased from 480% to 1920% weapon damage.

Allies of the Earth: Damage increased from 380% to 4500% weapon damage.

Item: The Inna suit has been adjusted and polished. For this, the brave outfit of the Crusaders and the burning carnival fancy dress ball of the necromancer Nerfs must be adopted.

Inna’s Mantra: Bonus of 4-You get the primary effects of all four spells simultaneously. Every mysterious ally around you will get a 5% damage reduction. Your mysterious partner will not be harmed in any way.

Inna’s Mantra: Bonus of 6-You permanently gain all the passive abilities of 5 mysterious allies. Attacking the enemy will spawn the mysterious allies you choose, and they will remain active for 15 seconds. There can be up to 10 allies. Each time a mysterious partner is summoned, the damage done by your mysterious ally will increase by 950%.

The most robust boots: Mysterious allies summon two mysterious allies to fight side by side with you. They cause [300% to 400%] increased damage.

Binding of the Lesser Gods: Enemies hit by your Whirlwind Strike skill receive additional damage from your mysterious ally [300% to 400%] for 5 seconds. The shared flame ally gets this reward five times.

Crown of Valor Bonus 2: The Fist of the Sky attack increases the damage done by the Wrath of the Sky by 125% for 5 seconds. This effect can stack up to 3 times.

Burning Carnival Masquerade 6 Reward: The damage done by you or your simulacrum’s bone spear is increased by 6,000%

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