The cunning catcher in Fallout 76 strikes again, using a whirlpool to lure victims to death

In the hostile wasteland of Fallout 76, the death of the game awaits unsuspecting players in every corner and crevice. Even in a relaxing whirlpool bath, the last hour may come suddenly, as a player just showed. This is what happened: In Fallout 76, players can find a camp that looks like a very luxurious mansion. Quite tempting-after all, you don’t necessarily expect it in the cruel wasteland of survival games. The hotel offers a reading corner, a beautifully furnished kitchen, a TV room in the attic, and even a bathroom with a picture of a big cat. In such a place, nothing wrong will happen! Or?

The answer is, of course: yes.
Because the property built by the player is an absolute death trap, the bubbling, steaming vortex makes players linger.

But if you sit there, you will never get up again:
As long as you let your soul sway in the water, the familiar radiation sound will sound. Then it’s over. You can see how it looks in the video.

Death vortex-the latest work of the skilled catcher
This is why the player fell into the vortex. With the help of generators and radiation emitters, the player turned the vortex into a trap, causing so much radiation damage to the player that they could no longer escape. The sign above the pool even indicates radiation, but it may be overlooked more often.

The catcher told Kotaku that dozens of players had become victims of his trap. From time to time, he gets surprising but favorable news from the victims. On YouTube, his videos are mainly recognized for their clever construction. The Fallout 76 subreddit also praised: “I can’t even be angry about it. It’s a coincidence. The radiation warning sign above the whirlpool is covered,” one user said

Who is this player? Players are no strangers to such traps. For example, he made the headlines a few years ago with a rather ingenious labyrinth. This maze is lured with prizes but releases a tame dead claw to the player. The door is initially locked. Once the victim is locked up, the catcher can relax and observe the whole thing from above. Away from swimming pools and mazes, he has shown various traps and handicrafts he made in Fallout 76 on YouTube.