The Elder Scrolls Online

All new properties in ESO Blackwood

MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online received the Blackwood expansion pack on June 1, 2021. There are still some new houses to buy in this chapter. Since update 13 Homes, you can buy your own houses inside and outside Tamriel. These may cost you gold coins and crowns. It depends on which place you choose. You can purchase vacant and furnished homes purchased in Kronenshop. The latter option is, of course, more expensive.

What exactly is housing?
The community uses houses to refer to the establishment of houses in ESO. A good pastime or just for fun, described by the ESO community as a real endgame. Because housing can be costly, think of the luxury retailer that frantically increases prices in empty cities every weekend. However, if you abandon decadence and many houses, housing is also attractive for smaller gold bags. Player Jchysteria has a deeper understanding of gold and crown bags: the player showed a magnificent home in MMORPG ESO, and he put a lot into it.

Pilgrim’s Rest
This home is a small room located on the first floor of Kaladas Inn in Leyawiin. You can buy it with very little gold.

Here is some information about the house:
Cost (without furniture): 3000 gold coins
Price (with furniture):/
Requirements: Quest (House Manual: No room available, available at Kronenshop)
Unit type: simple
Setting space: 30
Installation space (especially): 2
Collection location: 2
Collection location (especially): 2
Guests: 2
Use ESO + to double the amount of setting space.

Bridge House
You can find this bridge home in Leyawiin in Dunkelforst. It consists of 2 buildings, each with three floors and a small outdoor area (balcony). From there you can see what is happening in the city.

Here is some information about the house:
Cost (without furniture): 1,050.00 gold coins or 6,200 crowns
Cost (with furniture): 7,800 krona
Prerequisite: Achieve “Dark Forest Adventurer”
House type: classic
Installation space: 300
Installation space (especially): 4
Collection location: 20
Collection location (especially): 4
Guests: 6

Leopard Tooth Church
The Panther Tooth Chapel is on the edge of the map, to the northeast of Dunkelforst. Compared with the other two families, it is independent. You can get there by boat. It has a large outdoor area, a small church, fixed leopard tusks, and a catacomb below the small church.

Here is some information about the house:
Cost (without furniture): unknown
Cost (furnished): Unknown
Currently unavailable
Unit type: handsome
Installation space: 350
Installation space (especially): 5
Collection location: 55
Collection location (especially): 5
Guests: 12
Are you also interested in one of the new houses? Can you imagine spending a few hours filling up the empty rooms of the Bridge House or Black Panther Tooth Church? Or is the pilgrim’s lounge enough for you? Feel free to write in the comments.