Crowfall, Swords of Legends Online, World of Warcraft

What are the Best MMOs and online Games in July 2021?

What are the Best MMOs and online Games in July 2021?

MMORPG summer starts in July. As a result, two new MMORPGs have appeared, and World of Warcraft has just recently undergone a significant update. At here, we introduce you to the essential MMOs and online games you might be interested in this month. The selected game is an online game that you can experience with friends or strangers. Each game will celebrate its release in June 2021 or receive a significant update that brings various innovations. How did this list come from? This list is intended to inform you about new versions and updates compiled by MMORPG expert Alexander Leitsch. Each game will be introduced in more detail in the article and will reveal to whom the respective title is worth it.

Swords of Legends Online Release

Type: MMORPG | Developer: Wangyuan Shengtang | Platform: PC | Release Date: July 9, 2021, | Model: Buy and Play

What kind of game is this?

Swords of Legends Online (SOLO for short) is a theme park MMORPG from China. Most importantly, its story is convincing, which is told through many missions and cutscenes. It also looks unique graphically.

MMORPG relies on action-rich combat systems and dodgy characters and provides PvE and PvP fans with various content, including dungeons, arenas, and houses.

SOLO was released in China in 2019 and had been expanding since then. In 2021, German publisher Gameforge will bring this game to the West. For us, it became a buy-and-play and a store. However, it should be spent without paying to win and paying to progress.

These are the highlights of the Swords of Legends Online.

Swords of Legends provides everything to make MMORPG heart beat faster:

Six different playable classes-Deathbringer, Summoner, Bard, Sword Master, Berserker, and Spear Master-each class has two specialties and no gender lock

A game world with different large areas, where you can meet other players and monsters in Chinese mythology

English full cutscenes

Houses that players can retreat

Various mounts

Dungeons and raids for up to 20 players

Multiple PvP modes where you can fight other players, including highly regulated open-world PvP

This is why you should play SOLO in July.

Swords of Legends will be released on July 9. So if you want to play MMORPG from the beginning, you should write down the date.

SOLO is primarily aimed at fans of Theme Park MMORPG because everything happens very linearly. You will experience the same tasks and the same stories in every class, and you must share them too because it only starts from the highest level in the game. Then you can look forward to dungeons with different difficulty levels, housing, PvP, and Co.

The highlight is the active combat system, which is a good combination of action and tag positioning. It is likely to be comparable to Guild Wars 2.

World of Warcraft: Kingdom of Shadows  Patch 9.1

Type: MMORPG | Developer: Blizzard Entertainment | Platform: PC | Release Date: November 23, 2004, | Model: Paid Game

What kind of game is this?

World of Warcraft is the most popular MMORPG in Europe and North America. Blizzard has now released eight expansion packs for World of Warcraft. It is aimed at single players who want to experience the story and fans of dungeons and raids. The game is often extended to these fans and PvP players who like to be in the arena. WoW uses a comic graphic that is modified over and over again by extension. The age of some places is still undeniable. After all, Warcraft has already passed its 15th birthday. The combat system relies on classic label positioning.

These are the highlights of World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft allows you to explore a massive world with a character and raise it to level 60 since the Kingdom of Shadows. Mass content is waiting for you:

Countless missions and stories

Various fields

Quite a lot of dungeons and raids

Various PvP content

Through Shadowlands, some adjustments were made to the level process. As a new player, you have a fully customized starting area, and then you can choose which expansions and upgrades you want to play.

This is why you should play Warcraft in July.

The new patch 9.1 was released on June 30. Among other things, it brings:

New Korthia area with new contract activities

Giant dungeon Tazavesh

New Raid Sanctum of Dominion

Fly in the first area of the Shadow Realm

This update is mainly for veterans who have already experienced the previous content of Shadow Kingdom. As far as the Kingdom of Shadows is concerned, lowering the maximum level to 60 and new tutorials make the game more friendly to beginners, so World of Warcraft 2021 is also worthwhile for complete novices.

Dead by Daylight  Resident Evil Chapter

Type: Survival | Developer: Behavioral Interactive | Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One | Release Date: June 14, 2016, | Model: Buy Two Play

What kind of game is this?

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric horror game in which a killer chases a group of relatively defenseless survivors. His goal is to catch all other players and hang them on meat hooks. The various killers in the game are based on famous horror characters such as Michael Myers or Freddie Kruger. This provides an extra horror kick. In turn, survivors have various skills on how to escape the murderer and help each other. Your goal is to escape from the individual level alive.

These are the highlights of Dead by Daylight.

Nearly five years later, DbD has provided a fantastic amount of content, providing variety and replay value in the game:

There are 23 different killers to choose from

There are more than 15 other maps to play

Dozens of perks for killers and survivors have changed the way the game is played.

There are graphics updates to keep the game modern

Almost all games are lovely to the last second

This is why you should play Dead by Daylight in July

After the crossover with Resident Evil runs in June, the game will celebrate its fifth birthday on July 1. Lots of rewards and various new cosmetics are waiting for you there. Once clarified, we will add the exact details here.

Crowfall release

Type: MMORPG | Developer: ArtCraft Entertainment | Platform: PC | Release Date: July 6, 2021, | Model: Buy and play

What kind of game is this?

Crowfall is a new MMORPG developed by senior developer J. Todd Coleman, who has created games such as Shadowbane and Wizard 101. Crowfall is different from other games of this genre because it has its brand new method:

Crowfall relies on different scenarios in which you can move, not a big and open world.

Except for the Eternal Kingdom, these battles have deadlines. Finally, hunger waits, devouring the world and ending the scene.

The focus of MMORPG is PvP, even with PvE and the social world. If you don’t know how to deal with PvP, it will be difficult for you to survive Crowfall.

These are the highlights of Crowfall.

The remarkable thing about Crowfall lies in the different battles in the game:

The Eternal Kingdom is a social world that you can create according to your wishes. You can adjust the size, appearance, and content, such as your fortress and dealer. You can make your eternal kingdoms public so that everyone can access them or use them privately only for you and your invited friends.

You start with the PvE scene. There you can learn the basics of the game and upgrade your first character.

In God’s Reach, you will fight each other in 3 factions of PvP.

In Dregs, you fight for the castle in GVG.

With HungerDome, a 60-player battle royale game was introduced.

In addition, the game relies on a wide variety of 12 different races and 11 occupations, each with three sub-occupations. Crowfall relies on an action combat system, which is a bit clumsy in some places.

This is why you should play Crowfall in July.

This was accompanied by the obliteration of the previous alpha server, and all players had to start again. After more than six years of development, Crowfall will be released on July 6, 2021. A good time to enter MMORPG.

Crowfall is a PvP MMORPG. If you want to take part in the battle of the castle or wander in a world that is constantly under attack, you can find a home in Crowfall. Especially in the permanent guild, your battles with other players will be exciting.

To obtain the best equipment, the production plays an important role. However, it isn’t easy to get these resources accurately in PvP. Therefore, Crowfall is not suitable for single players.

However, Crowfall also faces some problems, including poor optimization, a horrible interface, and poor tutorials.

Midgard Tribe  Release

The Midgard Tribe is a new survival cooperative RPG in which you will play the role of a fallen Viking hero. You will be sent back to Midgard from Valhalla, where you will fight against enemies in Norse mythology. From an ISO perspective, you can expect dynamic gameplay like Diablo.

What will happen in July? The new survival game is scheduled to be released on Steam on July 27. So if you want to try the Midgard tribe, you can do it at the end of the month.

The Lost Ark  Beta

From an ISO point of view, The Lost Ark is a top action MMORPG, as you know in Diablo 3. It is not a classic Hack’n Slay, but a full-featured MMORPG: the developers themselves compared it with Guild Wars 2.

From the beginning, you create a hero from 15 different professions, explore a vast fantasy world, and do monsters and quests next to it. You can also look forward to dungeons, raids, PvP in the arena, and houses in the Lost Ark.