How to get cool mounts from World of Warcraft: Shadowlands?

We have five cool mounts from World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, which you can get quickly. This is how you get the best mount. Update July 5, 2021: This article initially only introduced five mounts. With patch 9.1 Chains of Dominion, we have added two stylish mounts to the guide. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has been online for a week, and there is still a lot to do. Especially in terms of mounts, Blizzard doesn’t seem to be stingy this time because you can get one in every corner-if you know how to do it. To allow you to expand your collection a bit, we show you seven mounts that you can quickly master.

Swift Blackhoof

The chic black Swift Gloomhoof can be found in Ardenwald and obtained from the rare enemy Nightmare-it drops 100%. However, you can’t just attack the night horse because it hides in a dream.

To attack the night horse, you need a dream catcher.

Get a web of broken souls. You can find it at coordinates 20/64, almost above the words Trina Scythe. Accessing the site may be a bit difficult, but the Goblin Guide can help. You can also collect fairy dust southeast of the heart of the forest, allowing you to fly for 90 seconds. So you can easily reach the island.

Talk to Elder Gwenna in the Shimmer Cascade Pool at 50/33. She will repair the web of the soul with ten matte silks. Please note that you must have completed the side mission Tricked out that occurred in the same area for this step.

Now go to the center of the forest and talk to Ysera. She will cast magic on your soul web and turn it into a dream catcher. If you are not a member of Fayeye, you can talk to one of the guards and ask Ysera to leave Fayeye Temple to speak with you.

Now return to the hibernation pool and use the dream catcher. You will get a 5-minute buff. If the animal is not dead, you can use the buff to see the night horse. Then you have to wait because the night horse only appears every 60-90 minutes.

Defeat Nightmare, and you can add the Swift Dreadhoof to your collection!

Dusklight Razorwing

In the new area of Korthia in Patch 9.1, there are many unique creatures, including some mounts. One particularly beautiful and easy to obtain is Twilight’s Bladewing. Blade wings are familiar creatures of Korthia, but you can also get them as mounts very easily.

The only thing you have to do is the farm.

To bag amount, you need a total of 10 Lost Blade Eggs. These eggs were dropped from various Verschinger creatures in Korthia, the western gorge.

Please note that you can breed up to 2 such eggs per day, after which they don’t seem to fall during the rest of the day. The first egg usually falls after a few minutes, and the second seems to take longer. So you must complete the entire process within 5 to 10 days.

If you have collected a total of 10 Lost Blade Swing Eggs, then head to Korthia’s coordinates 26/51, where you will find a lair you can interact with.

Give all ten eggs in this way to get Twilight Wings!

By the way, you don’t have to give up the eggs simultaneously, and you can bring them to the nest individually within a few days.

Hand of Bahmethra

New features in Patch 9.1 also include the creepy hand mount. The easiest one is the Bahmetra chain.

When the other hands are hidden behind the long puzzle, the chain from Bahmetra can be obtained relatively quickly because it can be stuck in the torturer’s chest. Each character can get this box from the tortured piece that regularly starts in Maw once a week.

Every odd hour (11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, etc.), a torture incident will begin in Schlund. It is marked with a small icon on the map two minutes before activation. Then came a series of discoveries that must be defeated before the actual boss of the event appeared.

Usually, there are enough players present, just hit the boss directly.

Torturer’s Crate is one of the rewards of this event, guaranteed to be earned when you kill for the first time every week. However, Bahmetra’s chain is rare, so you may have to play for weeks of torture. However, since this only takes about 5 minutes per week, the entire process proceeds relatively quickly.

Just as important:

any of your level 60 characters can get Torturer’s Crate. Therefore, to reach the mount faster, it is worth using multiple symbols for activities.

The mount not only looks attractive but also has some tips. If you press the space bar while sitting, your hand will display scissors, rock, or paper.

Sinrunner Blanchy

Few mounts are as famous as Greymane. No, this is not the King of Gilneas, but a loyal mount from the Westfall Farm. This loyal horse died during the expansion of the Cataclysm and has now found a way into the Shadow Realm. This is a lousy horse because Greymane now lives in Ravens. You can find the horse at coordinates 63/43.

You have to take care of this horse for six days before getting it as the wow amount.

Day 1: Head to Saldeans Farm at coordinates 57/37 in Westfall. Collect eight handfuls of oats there.

Day 2: Get the care brush from Revendreth at coordinates 63/62 and talk to Wieherwupp.

Day 3: Collect four strong horseshoes. You can find them on the streets used by Ravendes’ carriages, especially in the south and east of the area.

Day 4: Obtain the Empty Bucket of Revenues from Coordinator 63/62. Fill it up in the fortress or Ardenwald.

Day 5: Purchase a comfortable saddlecloth at Ravendes at Ta’tru coordinates 51/79.

Day 6: Purchase three trembling apples from Mims at coordinates 41/47 in Ravens.

If you have done all of this, you will receive a gray mane as a mount-a excellent version of the red spectrum!

Arboreal Gulper

In Ardenwald, you can encounter ridiculous frogs, some of which are covered with stones or bark. You can quickly obtain one of the frogs as a mount-and with minimal effort!

All you have to do is grow giant mushrooms in Ardenwald. If you perform world missions or fight some battles in the area, sooner or later, such mushrooms will appear in your inventory. It is not even sporadic, and almost all opponents can fall behind.

But be careful: mushrooms have only a 20-minute shelf life, after which they will disappear from your inventory. As soon as there are mushrooms, you have to hurry up.

Go to coordinates 32/30 and click on moist loam to grow mushrooms. The fungus will now grow and become a rare Ri’sich in a short time. The giant mushroom has some health, so it is best to have three or more players. But Ri’sich will leave the Waldschlucker mountain, and then you can jump into the game world on it.

Wildseed Cradle

Many of Ardenwald’s stories revolve around wild seeds that must be rescued from the drought of the heart. Wild seeds are brought from one place to another through a cradle-you can quickly get such a cradle as a permanent mount!

All you have to do is collect five items in Ardenwald.

The gardener’s basket is by the 40/53 well.

The gardener’s hammer is in the 40/54 shopping cart.

39/57 The night diary on the upper table.

The gardener’s flute 38/58 is on the ground, near the tree.

The gardener’s staff got under the carriage 39/60.

Then combine all five items and take them to Glitzersternchen, the fairy of Tirnavar at coordinates 64/38. Talk to her so that you can open the treasure Moon Box behind her, which contains the Wildseed Cradle.

Armored Bloodwing

Of course, there are also some mounts in the Shadow Realm, and you must cultivate frankly to enjoy the new mounts. One of them is bald bat wings. To do this, you need to find a plague egg-a a rare white object.

You can find this egg in all the delusions of Matroxus, but its drop rate is relatively low, well below 1%-so you should plan a little time or use it up for the rest of the year. You can mainly find delusions in the middle of the map around the arena, but you can also find chimeras in the eastern part of the area.

By the way, it takes five days for the eggs to hatch. This is real-time, so the clock will keep ticking when you are not in the game. After five days, you will receive the Bald Batwing Chewing Reins, which you can use to pick up the corpse-like chimera in your stable.

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