Good MMORPGs of the classic Trinity without tanks, treatments, and DD

In MMORPG, you will face dangerous adventures with other players. The heroes perform various tasks, such as refueling, healing, or causing damage to support each other. But not every MMORPG depends on this Trinity. The Trinity of Tank, DD, and Heiler has become famous in MMORPG, especially in Warcraft. For many players, it is difficult to imagine that there is no MMORPG with this kind of role distribution. What are the benefits of not using the Trinity? By eliminating the Trinity, there is no queue for group content. You don’t have to search for healers and tanks frantically, and every profession can be taken away. It is also advantageous during the upgrade process if you are not associated with characters such as the healer or tank. You can upgrade to a damage dealer and continue this path in the endgame. In this article, we want to introduce you to five games that can do this. This list is only a partial selection. You are welcome to name other MMORPGs that do not have a trinity.

Guild Wars 2

Environment: Fantasy | Developer: ArenaNet | Platform: PC | Release Date: August 26, 2012 | Model: Buy2Play

Guild Wars 2 is the theme park MMORPG of American developer ArenaNet, released in 2012. The base game is free, but two expansion packs can now be purchased.

Who is the target group of Guild Wars 2?

MMORPG is mainly for PvE players who like to play with others in the open world. World bosses or group activities await players there.

It also advances the main story every two months and offers arena PvP, open server battles, 5-player dungeons, and 10-player raids.

How to play Guild Wars 2 without the Trinity?

MMORPG appeared in 2012 and announced that it would cancel the Trinity. On the contrary, all occupations should be able to self-medicate.

At the same time, an active combat system that actively avoids characters and constantly moves should enable players to avoid damage directly.

Despite criticism, the system is also effective, despite criticism that the player who caused the most damage in dungeons and fractals would only win shortly after its release. So you just bypassed all the mechanisms and difficulties of boss battles.

As the Heart of Thorns expanded, developers began to introduce tank and healer modifications. MMORPG now has tanks, most of which are composed of hypnotists and substances. Supporters must pay attention to buff or CC in addition to treatment.

Is Guild Wars 2 still actively supported?

Despite layoffs in 2019, Guild Wars 2 still performed well. There are regular updates, and plans have been made for upcoming content, including the third expansion, “Dragon’s End.”

MU Legend

Environment: Fantasy | Developer: Webzen | Platform: PC | Release Date: 11/7/2017 (Europe) | Model: Free2Play

MU Legend is Webzen’s action MMO and the successor to the popular MMORPG Mu Online in China. You can play the game for free and even use it on Steam.

Who is Mu Legend aimed at?

Due to hacking and killing control, many players compare MU Legend to Diablo. However, one big difference is the PvP system, which even supports guild wars.

How to play the MU legend without the Holy Trinity?

MU Legend has five different professions to choose from, and the latest is only released in April 2019. Some of them are also supportive or may suffer more injuries than others.

Is Mu Legend still actively supporting it?

Mu Legend currently has regular updates, activities, and maintenance work. The new update has been announced and will appear in 2021.

Blade & Soul

Settings: Wuxia | Developer: NCSoft | Platform: PC | Release Date: January 19, 2016 (Europe) | Model: Free2Play

Blade & Soul is an MMORPG from Korean developer and publisher NCSoft. It is a free game, a typical Asian MMORPG, a martial arts combat system, and a martial arts story.

Who is Blade & Soul aimed at?

Due to the martial arts story, Korean games are aimed at every Asian fan. It can be played well alone, but it also provides challenging team content in the dungeon.

In Asia, PvP flourishes in the arena, which is carried out in very successful tournaments with bonuses.

If there is no Trinity, how does Blade&Soul play?

Although there are no classic healers or tanks, all 12 classes in Blade & Soul play very differently. Whether you are an elegant blade dancer, a savage berserker, a sharpshooter, or a barber, they all focus on the damage done.

In Blade & Soul, avoid damage by cleverly avoiding or blocking attacks. However, for this, you need a good overview, especially since there are opponents in the dungeon who will attack you into the afterlife.

Is Blade&Soul still actively supported?

Blade&Soul will be updated regularly. A new class was recently announced, which will be released with the primary engine update in the fall of 2021.

However, many players are currently not satisfied with the progress of MMORPG. Many people accused him of “playing to win.” Recently, the development of a new engine initially scheduled to be launched in 2020 has also stalled.

Black Desert

Environment: Fantasy | Developer: Pearl Abyss | Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S | Release Date: March 3, 2016, | Model: Buy2Play

Black Desert is a sandbox MMORPG of South Korean developer Pearl Abyss. You must pay once to purchase the game, but you do not need to pay a monthly fee. In addition, there is now a 7-day free trial version.

Who is the target of the Black Desert?

The most important thing about Korean MMORPG is its action-heavy combat system and impressive graphics.

For players who like to explore the world independently without suffering. The sandbox function allows the construction of buildings and a large number of transactions.

By eliminating the highest levels, you always have something to do, and it may take thousands of hours to do it.

How to play in the black desert without the Trinity?

All professions in the Black Desert focus on damage. The combat system is very dynamic and provides many evasions.

In addition, MMORPG does not have dungeons and other instance group content. Therefore, unlike other games, the healer and tank are not urgently needed.

Does Black Desert still actively support it?

Black Desert is currently performing exceptionally well. Several innovations are planned for the rest of 2021, including new pirate ship classes, cooperative dungeons, new single-player areas, and mini card games.


Developer: Nexon | Platform: PC | Release Date: 01/21/2010 | Model: Free2Play

Vindictus is a center-based MMORPG from South Korean developer Nexon. The game is free and can be played on the Steam platform.

Which players does Vindictus target?

From the shared outpost, you can enter dungeons that can be entered individually or in groups. The dynamic combat system is the flagship of Vindictus.

If there is no Trinity, how does Vindictus play?

In Vindictus, you can choose one of the 14 heroes, then play and level up. Each of these heroes focuses on damage but has different priorities in team matches.

Evie can support other players by increasing the damage done by allies or collecting healing balls from her. Nevertheless, she is not a classic therapist.

The best way to survive in Vindictus is to avoid or throw enemies at objects actively. This resulted in minimal healing of the entire group.

Are you still actively supporting Vindictus?

In April 2019, new heroes were released in MMORPG. Ella also took various measures to get players back.

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