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At its lowest rate since its release at the end of 2018, this Hyperx cloud wired PlayStation 4 passes below the bar of the fifty euros, right next to the bears in chocolate marshmallow. A good plan that brings the quality of invoice and match your helmet to your console. For even more modest budgets, a classic Corsair HS35, but in red, will do just as well the case at less than 35 euros at Cdiscount.

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No need to expand, this 3.5mm jack wired micro headset, despite its dedicated reference “ Hyperx HX-HSCLS-BL Cloud PS4 ” will also work on PS5, as on any other device, Gaming or not equipped with a plug to receive it. It is indeed a Hyperx Cloud Alpha , but in stereo because it comes * without the USB dongle for PC which would give it a sound 7.1 software, and in blue With a PlayStation logo, more destined for PS4, if you are a pintress mood, view its color and what is on its packing box. The assets and reserves of his cousin apply here. 49,99 € instead of € 69.99 at Amazon and Boulanger **, this is a very good deal, recommended by grandma’s good plans for all fans PS4, which they want to isolate oneself, do not disturb, Streame, chat online or all this at a time.

its assets, according to the test of the alpha by the numerics

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Very in front of our “blue corner”, this Corsair HS35 , but red , proudly sports its famous three-masted end as a logo and its official certification Discord , and proposes also A removable microphone and connectivity 3.5 mm that would make it compatible with your refrigerator if it had a Jack Isolated audio jack. Displayed at the reduced price of our good plan, but in basis price at 49.99 € on the site of its manufacturer: this headphone-micro wired _Gaming _ wants to be “the blood” to 34,99 € (-30%) at CDISCOUNT . It also offers a y cable for PC, and a volume dial and Mute microphone button on the atria. You can always compare the characteristics with our good plan, if the heart tells you. Spoiler: apart from a frequency response less extensive **, as well as audio side of 20 Hz to 20 kHz instead of 13 to 27 for Hyperx as well as 100 Hz to 10 kHz against 50 to 18 for His competitor of the day, you may not find much, in truth.

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