Black Desert Corsary awakens with new talents and weapon

Black Desert Unique Pirate Mermaid, the Corsary, gets a set of new features in your revival update. Players of the Korsarin can try on a new outfit and pull Patra’s new Harpunen Weapon. So you defeat your opponents stylish with new talents.

There is a trailer here:

The awakened Korsarin is the captain in Slippery Scallywags, a troop of friendly pirate-Otter, who support players in the fight.

The Slippery Scallywags fire their guns to defeat opponents while players use their mighty new talents. Adventures can strategically use the new special weapon Patraca, either as a sword for melee or as Harpune for ranging.

The Corsarin can easily light enemies, as long as they are surrounded by his fog. Far away enemies are not sure if they hang them with the Harpune and tugs into the fog.

More information about the new revival talents are available here:

  • Save No Quarter! : She throws her rope in the air, which she lifts up and wrap in fog. Then she crashes down and breaks her enemies.
  • Sun Splitter Patraca : If her rope throws in the direction of the sun, where she stops briefly, before she fires the Harpune. Opponents met by the Harpune are quickly set by their fog.
  • Cap’n’s orders: Open Fire! : Lifts your weapon in the air as a signal to open the fire. Then the Scallywags shoot the massive anchor of the ship on the opponents.

There are also a number of Ingame events that celebrate the summer season. The Season servers are made for the rapid growth of characters. When adventurers have completed all challenge quests, they can leave the Season Server to play their character on normal servers and collect rewards.

The special rewards include the Pen V Capotia accessories, the most powerful accessory in Black Desert.

Black Desert also wants to help the environment by donating seedlings. Even adventurers can participate. An Ingame charity event should help places destroyed by natural disasters. Adventurers can complete the right quest by buying the Sprout of Life from a seed dealer. Thus, they are part of the fundraiser.

For Players of Black Desert Console, there is currently a discount for Xbox and PlayStation users. Xbox player get a 20% discount on the pearl packet (1000, 3000 … 10,000 beads) and PlayStation players get up to 60% discount on the bundles.