Canadian Owen Classes Completed Lion Cader

The Lion Braunschweig completed her squad now: Owen classes comes from the French LNB Pro A. There he played for Boulazac Basket Dordogne. For this he came past playing time due to two injuries (hip and hand) only 18 times. Thus, he could not prevent the descent of the club in the second league. Braunschweig announced the obligation on Monday: The 2.08-meter Canadian national player signed a one-year contract.

The 29-year-old classes plays as a center, exactly this position had to occupy the lions yet. “Owen is a very experienced and professional player who physically plays and has a strong presence in the zone. He is not necessarily loud as a guy, but rather progressed with a good example through his professional attitude and performance. He is also a strong rebounder And good pick-and-roll player, who will also give us stability in defense, “Braunschweig coach Jesús Ramírez is quoted in a club message.

Classes is aware of his role

Classes says it is never easy to come back after a violation and yet he would have succeeded pretty well. He is happy to be in the Bbl in the parquet and to be a leader for the young squad of his new team at Braunschweig: “I know that I am the oldest and experienced player in a team, even if I do that do not like to say or hear. But I’m looking forward to taking a kind of leadership within the team. I know what it means to practice our job professionally and does not just want to have a good team behavior with my achievements, especially in terms of The work setting, contribute. “

On Monday, the official training start of the team begins. The first BBL match for the basketball Lion Braunschweig will take place on September 26 against Fraport Skyliners (15 o’clock).