Eyes Out Newly founded developer studio works on horror game

Spec OPS: The Line Creative Director and Designer Cory Davis and Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck announced the founding of their own developer studio based in Los Angeles.

The first game that comes with Eyes Out, so the name of the studio, will be described as a more active and cosmic single player horror game in which the story is told a large part of the area.

From 2008 to 2012, Davis worked at Yager Development as Lead Designer and Creative Lead at Spec OPS: The Line. He was also on the CONDEMNED and F.E.A.R. Franchise involved and is the creator and composer of the PSVR horror experience Here they lie.

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For Fincck, who has been part of the Industrial Rock Band Nine Inch Nails since 1993, video games and their development are no new territory, as he has already contributed to the soundtrack of No Codes Observation and the upcoming Survival Horror title NACT of the developer C3SK, which is published by Devolver Digital.

Davis says: When I finished working on Here They Lie, Robin came to our studio and I felt a very strong connection to his open, creative view of the existence and the power of music. We immediately started working on some prototypes, which I had in development at this time, and together we started directly with something unexpected. Robin’s vibrant and limitless approach to the creative process, our work went far beyond my previous experiences. It is such an exciting journey to get together in the darkness.