Lawnmowing Simulator the time of mow is arrived and with the Logitech G920

Mow virtual gardens at Flywheel Logitech G920 and manage your business!

Hello everyone, I hope you are well and today I propose you my final verdict on Lawnmowing Simulator and this with my opinion driving Logitech G920 please ????

A very atypical and eye-catching game, we spend hours without realizing it. Behind her simplistic tunes hide a real simulation with lots of parameters to take into account like:

gameplay with car setup

Weather, fuel consumption, maintenance of your machines and repairs, buying accessories and new mowers for more specific tasks (such as doing pretty lines identical to the football fields), taking leave of your employees, land cleaning, advertising campaigns, … etc etc

A huge surprise for myself after spending a lot of time on the demo!

I hope you will like, do not hesitate to tell me what you think ????

Good viewing !

Link to the video:

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Take care of you !