Throwback Game Spectacular Sparky will be released in October

Spectacular Sparky, a new action game on a full platform, has just been announced by Nicalis, Inc. and Freakzone Games. This next game will be launched in the game world on October 20 for PC via Steam, in Epic Games Store, as well as for Nintendo Switch.

In Spectacular Sparky, players can play the role of Sparky, a rabbit of space that is a crazy premium hunter. They will have to cross the universe and causing ravages wherever it will land. Depending on the description of the game published on the official spectacular Sparky Steam page, the game will have 24 levels, each divided into five worlds. In addition to this, players will also have access to five types of weapons, five playable vehicles, five levels of difficulty and three game modes.

Spectacular Sparky will pay homage to 16-bit white glove video game mascots that players have known and loved. Although it is considered a return game, Spectacular Sparky will offer new game mechanisms because players will have to make their way through several levels against strange characters and harsh boss battles.

The Sparky premium hunter can rush through the obstacles by pulling with his weapons in any direction and even make his jumps higher and longer, beating his long rabbit ears. Whenever he beats a boss, his connected companion, Shigg, half-shark, half-pig, will be there to direct it in the right direction to another fugitive space.

With a classic irreverent video game hero atmosphere, SPARKY spectacular is also impertinent as interests. In addition to his weapons, he will also give sarcastic shots who enter the skin of his enemies in a truly fun way. The game, as a whole, will take place in a universe filled with lava, spikes and circular saws, which will all be presented in super saturated colors and mega-driven music.

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