Master Chief and Cortana were going to have different actors

Steve Downes, The voice of Master Chief for Halo , recently participated in a new episode of Gameplay Podcast, and as part of him, he revealed that the actors of voice to Halo were about to be replaced on two different occasions.

The first of these occasions was during the first days of Bungie, when after the massive success it had halo: Combat Evolved , its developers seek to bring celebrities to lend their voices in the sequel, but ultimately they did not do it.

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They thought something like that, ‘People like Master Chief as it is, they like cutting cut as it is, then why should we change them? And because they did not do it.

Bungie Eventually stopped working at halo , and the baton of the series passed it to 343 industries , who once again considered replacing the current speech of voice. According to Downes , this time were not only talks, but had already done it, but after listening to some reactions they repented.

They had already done it – did not even think about it, they only did it – they brought a new voice for Master Chief and a new voice for cutting. But when they did the beta tests of the game, people did not like it.

‘So the Master Chief is not heard, so it is not heard cut off. I do not know who he is, but I do not like it. Then they returned to contact us, with the tail between the legs, and we end up recording what eventually ended up being halo 4.

Fortunately, both developers decided to stay with these dear voice actors of halo , and in fact, both downes and Jen Taylor (Cortana) will be lending his voice again for _ halo Infinite _When it is launch this year.

Via: Gameplay