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To play in the best conditions, you need the top of the top: a UHD TV 120 Hz compatible HDMI 1.2, VRR, not necessarily HDR, but with BLS or BFI. If you have not understood or do not have the time to scan the TVs for sale to find the rare pearl, then our best game gaming TV guide is for you.

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Play on a TV really good change everything. Truly ! The contrasts explode, details appear, the responsiveness climbs up a net cran, the images are more fluid … it is even a trap than to try such a screen; It becomes difficult after descending in quality.

Our best TV guide to play consists of two parts. To be effective first: we start with the selection of the best TV, from 700 €. Then behind comes the list of points to know, to understand, such as the impact of HDMI 2.1 compatibility, which is the VRR, the actual use of the HDR in games, etc. To realize this guide, we allied our colleagues the digital, who test the new models that arrive by pallets every day, and we sort together by defining the essential criteria.

You will see it, the big absent from this selection is Samsung, because in high prices the OLED is definitely imposed on the LCD, but the manufacturer missed the check mark. What leaves the free field in Panasonic, LG, Sony … But under these brands A, an actor manages to draw his game pin and position more affordable TVs: Hisense. It’s up to you now to see according to your desires and your budget!

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