No reason to pay for the BAN station Twitch announces that it will take the initiative to provide live main maintenance time

Live platform TWITCH Today, this day is released, announcement of future creators to provide illegal projects, which will send a notice if the creator is caused by the violation, will provide illegal projects, which will send a notice to provide illegal projects. The live title and date, To make the creators further understand the reason for the account disabled.

In the past Twitch users, if it was violated, it was necessary to file a complaint to the Twitch customer service, and the official will only respond to which regulations have violated the community Conditions, which will not provide a further violation, which also leads to many Live main is not known to the actual violations of the TWITCH BAN, and there is a lot of controversy.

According to the schematic of Twitch Tertians, in addition to providing which regulations that violate the community, there will be additional illegal dates and the live title, and inform the account dwelling time.

However, this change still makes many users are quite dissatisfied. There is a live land that he has been parked for two years by Twitch, and the cause of violation is still unknown. There is also a user who wants Twitch not just reply to the violation regulations, but can give more specific violations, like providing clips, or Timeline, let live owners have more directions to correct their live content.