PSN Leaks reveals the hidden title of Star Wars called Project Marveric

Recent leaks on PSN revealed a new mysterious Star Wars game baptized Project Maverick. Some elements of the game have been accidentally added to the European PSN shop. Before it was quickly removed, the fans were able to see the poster. Apart from what has been shown in flight, everything else is totally unknown.

No business has yet commented on the leak. It is unlikely that we would see someone from the game studio or the PlayStation to address the problem. Usually, when there are such errors, responsible companies ignore them as if it had never happened in the first place. Fans can only guess what this new game will look like. If it ever happens.

By judging by the fact that there is already a name and a title for the game, it is likely that Project Maverick is at a certain stage of development. The chances that it is only conceptual illustrations exposed at a meeting of the Board of Directors are low. It would not make sense that something like that ends on PSN.

Star War video games have been a successful topic lately. Games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 were largely a disappointment while titles like Jedi Fallen Order were a resounding success that rejuvenated a lot of fans for the franchise. Whatever the Maverick project, hopefully it will take advantage of this momentum and really impress the public.

Keep in mind that nothing has been confirmed or denied at this point. This Star Wars cover could be a false alarm. We will see in the weeks or months to come if it represents something remarkable.