Pulse Vis Black Desert Mobile Ancient Ruins New Difficulty

Pulse was updated on the 10th, the Room of the Patient Prophet of Black Desert Mobile Ancient Ruins.

The room of the prophet prophet is an ancient ruins new difficulty. The player can enter the new Cameriavia story ‘Bib Foreteta’. Succeeded in ‘Baltut’, ‘Karuyiles’, which sequentially appeared in ancient ruins, and if you succeed in overpressing the two-headed monsters, you can obtain various items such as elements of the beginning, and the rings of time.

Ancient ruins are content that defeats the head of the head and explores ancient secret. If you can cooperate with friends and guildners and complete the difficulty, you will acquire a variety of compensation.

Updates to increase player convenience were also proceeded. Add an automatic exchange function to a companion animal exchange system, and cooperative, coordinated the opinion difficulty.

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Together with this, the ancient ruins update commemorate Conquer the ancient ruins will proceed to the 24th of the event. When using ancient slabs for ancient ruins, the sixth generation of anti-junctional animals will be paid to the 6th generation, ancient unspecified patterns, and the crystals of the ancient unpublished patterns and chaos.

In addition, we will carry out the Collect Liberation Memorial Letters event. If you collect the liberal holiday memorial letters through the event area of ​​the event area, you can exchange 815 black pearls, 815 of the light of the light, and 815 of the light.

Details of black desert mobile ancient ruins updates and events can be found in the official forum.