Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Teaser could be on an upcoming PC

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The next phase of PC release from The Master Chief Collection could stand outside the door.

343 Industries and Microsoft have the slow drop of heiligenlight publications on the PC last year. With Die Master Chief Collection planned on the platform of game to play game in chronological order and to start halo REACH after the start in December (and also with good luck) is next the very first game of the series.

Beta test for halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary On the PC is already in progress for a while, although the complete publication of the game could actually be closer than you would think. 343 Industries recently released an update The Master Chief Collection Progress on the PC, talk about the changes you have made combat evolved anniversary In response to the feedback of the fans and the addition of a new future (the possibility of multiplayer audio from the Turnout the original version).

Together with this update, you also released a new teaser trailer who seems to show shortly what the new main menu for that will be mcc soon on Xbox One and PC. Remarkably, the trailer could also point out that a publication for halo: CEA on the PC is not too far away. In addition, the people at Trueeachievements recently discovered an entry for the game on the PC in the Microsoft Store (although this entry has now been removed), and this possibility becomes even more likely.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is fully available on the Xbox One and only offers Halo REACH on the PC. All main games of the series – with the exception of halo 5: guard – will arrive sometime in the collection.

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